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posted on 4th Mar 2013

Here at St Audries Park we are finding that the releasing of doves at wedding ceremonies is becoming very popular.

The white dove symbolizes a new beginning, but most of all on a wedding day- fidelity; this is because, once paired, the doves mate for life. When the doves are released, everyone is asked to join in wishing the doves a safe journey home, and the Bride and Groom a safe journey through marriage- both romantic and meaningful!

Some couples release the doves to celebrate the memory of loved ones who cannot attend their wedding, this is often included within a speech as they are released and is an uplifting way to remember those special people.

The doves used for release MUST be trained white rock doves; this is the only breed of dove that can navigate safely home. Any other breed would perish in the wild so it is always advisable to use a professional company that is registered and insured.

Lovey Dovey  and Doves of Distinction can provide further details on dove releasing at weddings.

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