Tips & Advice - Overnight Accommodation at St Audries Park

There’s something about Autumn that gets us feeling all warm inside. Whether it’s the thought of our gardens turning rich shades of red, orange and yellow, or drinking hot chocolates as we sit watching the leaves fall from our window, we just can’t get enough of it. It’s no wonder Autumn weddings are so popular, […] read more

posted on 15th Sep 2017

It’s that time of year again! St Audries Park is very excited to be shortlisted for Best Wedding Venue of the year at The British Wedding Awards 2018. So make sure you vote for us! (Your favourite venue of course!) We are extremely proud to have worked up our fantastic reputation for the services that […] read more

posted on 12th Sep 2017

Friendship bracelets may seem like something you left behind in primary school. Although you have outgrown the frayed, Crayola-coloured bracelets that your younger selves sported around the playground, they will always hold a special charm. Luckily, there is a way to indulge in a classic friendship bracelet without feeling like you’re ten years old again. […] read more

posted on 8th Sep 2017

Your wedding is expensive. Flowers, catering and wedding dress are all necessary, yet expensive investments. It’s great to look at where you can cut costs on your wedding day where you can. One of the best areas to cut money on, without sacrificing on quality and presentation, is one your bridesmaid gifts. What is the […] read more

posted on 1st Sep 2017

‘Joe said he never wanted to get married’ Sarah had the biggest shock after Joe always said he wouldn’t get married. Sarah started her normal walk along her childhood beach only to find when she turned around Joe down on one knee with their beautiful daughter Lily. Going from ‘I’m never getting married’ to down […] read more

posted on 30th Aug 2017

We continue our series of posts about the beauty styles of the 1940’s, a brilliant decade for style. It was a time of glamour, and many of the beauty trends of the period are still popular today. Red Lips and Red Nails The full red lips popular today were first made a statement beauty look […] read more

posted on 25th Aug 2017

As the bride, you’ll want to find yourself a great pair of shoes that flatter you and your overall look. However, with hours of dancing to contend with you’ll need to be sure your footwear is as comfortable as it is stylish! Go for bridal shoes Shoes specially designed for a wedding day are often […] read more

posted on 18th Aug 2017

While the 1920s was all about dolled-up, flapper girl glamour, with perfectly waved curls, heavily kohl-lined eyes and lips accentuated with dark, vampy lipstick and liner that perfectly arched cupid’s bow. In contrast, the beauty style of the 1930s became less dramatic and took on a glamour that was more refined, thanks to the rise […] read more

posted on 11th Aug 2017

2017 has proven to be a wonderful year for wedding photo inspirations, with many stunning concepts that incorporate myriad styles, from editorial to photo-journalistic. We have sourced a handful to get you thinking about styling your own wedding photo. Woodland wedding shoot The first comes from a photographer named Christian Michael, whose naturalistic and reportage […] read more

posted on 4th Aug 2017

The 1920s popularised the mascaras, lipsticks and blushes that had been created by brands such as Max Factor, in the 1910s. Makeup became commonplace on the dressers of women all across England. Women enjoyed dolling themselves up with the latest popular hues of lipstick and blusher; adding to the glamorous look of the ‘flapper girl’ […] read more

posted on 28th Jul 2017

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