How to work the 80’s beauty look

Brooke Shields

Most people remember the 80’s beauty looks as overdone, fluffed-up hair and blinding shades of neon eyeshadow. The 80’s was also a time of refined glamour! With the rise of supermodels and sultry style, this is a decade that can offer anyone inspiration for their wedding day hair and makeup choices.

The decade of the supermodel

With the 80s witnessed the advent of supermodel style. Glamorous makeup and fashion followed suit. Idealist Style explores below:

“Model Brooke Shields was an icon of the time, and the late 80’s marked the beginning of the age of the supermodel. There were more women of mixed, or non-European ethnic and racial backgrounds portrayed in the media, than ever before (Although still not nearly in proportion to the population). Women step into the spotlight as the career-woman was “born”, and power-dressing became exceedingly popular. This was an “age of excess”, which was easily translated into fashion. In general, the bigger and bolder, the better. It was the decade of big hair, big shoulders, and over-the-top makeup.”

Rock chic

Famous singers like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna made the ‘grunge’ look super popular in the 80s, and pioneered a makeup trend that became synonymous with the 90s. Key to this look was bold eye makeup; both the artists wore lashings of dark mascara on both their top and bottom lashes and lined the top and bottom of the eye with a dark kohl liner.

The lips were given colour with a slick of bright fuchsia lipstick (something that could still look very pretty today), or a pale lipstick that was matched with a dark liner – used to outline the lips (a look better kept in the past).


Bold makeup

The classic beauty look we associate with the 80’s wouldn’t be complete without the bold makeup shades of the time. Fuschia was the reigning shade of lip colour – arrestingly bright, and finished with a slick of gloss. Eyeshadow was layered on and women shunned pastel and neutral hues for pinks, purples and blues. To make the 80’s shades of eyeshadow appear more modern on your wedding day, why not opt for a colourful smokey eye or a shade of bright eyeliner?

Neon shades of nail polish, from flamboyant oranges to techno yellows were also incredibly popular. These colours are still popular choices for nail polish today and can look great if you are going for a fun-loving and buoyant wedding colour scheme.

Made the look your own

When looking to the 80s for beauty inspiration, it’s a good idea to embrace some looks and leave others behind! Vivid shades of lipstick and eyeshadow are great choices for a high-impact bridal beauty look – just don’t overpower your face with audacious blusher, eyeshadow and lipstick.

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