How to ace something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Banqueting hall lit in blue

We all know that old wedding rhyme, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence for your shoe”. Traditionally, it was thought that including all these elements in the wedding ceremony would bring good luck to the newlyweds. Many people believed that this magical combination would ward against the Evil Eye. Nowadays, however, abiding by this little wedding rhyme is a fun way to help prepare for your wedding day. Below, we’ll explore some fun ways to enjoy this slice of wedding tradition.

Something old

A lovely way to pay homage to the ‘something old’ aspect of the traditional wedding rhyme, is to try to incorporate something of your mother’s or grandmother’s into your wedding day outfit. Maybe your mother still has her old wedding veil hanging in her wardrobe? Or does your grandmother have a lovely piece of vintage jewellery that you could wear? You also might like to find a chic accessory in a vintage store; such as a nice pair of heels, or a hair piece.

Something new

The ‘something new’ element of the wedding rhyme, is fairly easy to get down – from the  dress to the wedding accessories, something is bound to help you uphold this part of wedding day tradition. You may also like to purchase yourself a little treat, such as a bracelet or a new lipstick.

The Bertrand Herald’s 2016 Bridal Guide offers some lovely advice on sharing this tradition with your partner, stating that “couples may want to work together to find something new they can both carry so they have a matching set upon tying the knot. Interlocking charm bracelets or key-chains may work. What about the groom carrying a small padlock and the bride the key? Quirky couples can each wear one sock from a pair”.

A vintage bracelet

Something borrowed

When it comes to ‘something borrowed’, you have endless choices open to you. We love the idea of including something meaningful from a close friend, family member, or in-law, in your wedding day attire. Borrowing something from a loved one is a brilliant way to celebrate your bond and a great way to relax those wedding day nerves.

‘Something borrowed’ can also allow you to cut costs on certain elements of your day. Maybe a friend has a cute pair of shoes that you’d love to wear under your dress, or your mother in law has a fabulous wedding veil that she could lend you?

Something blue

What is this part of the wedding rhyme all about? The colour blue was traditionally related to fertility and it was thought that wearing a blue garter on your wedding day would ensure your fertility once married. Going for the blue garter might be a nice nod to tradition; alternatively, you could feature blue in your wedding in a number of ways, such as in your floral arrangements, jewellery, or decor.

A silver sixpence

A silver sixpence was given to the bride for good luck and prosperity. While a sixpence may now be hard to come by, you might like to incorporate something else traditionally seen as an amulet of good luck, into your outfit. A good luck charm attached to a silver bracelet is the modern silver sixpence.

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