Advice on picking your wedding jewellery

Wedding necklace

Accessorising your wedding dress with the right jewellery can enhance your bridal look and make you feel more special on the day. But which style of jewellery should you go for? Different kinds of jewellery suit different styles of dress, read on for our advice on how to perfectly balance the two.

Match your jewellery to your dress

Your jewellery can help enhance the beauty of your dress and can tie together your bridal look perfectly. Different kinds of jewellery will suit different dress styles, which is why it is important to make sure that you have your dress sorted before you start looking at your accessories.

If you’re going for a strapless dress, or a dress with a sweetheart neckline, you might like to look into a choker style, this kind of dress looks striking with a choker necklace that will draw eyes to your shoulders and neck, and will frame your face beautifully.

If your dress is more elaborate, with a high neck line, then it will be well matched with some simple, sophisticated chandelier earrings, or some flattering pearl studs. Elaborately-styled dresses, with higher necklines, can sometimes look ‘overdone’ with too much jewellery, a complementary way to accessorise these dresses is with some crystal or diamanté hair accessories.

A v-neck dress is also beautifully highlighted with a drop-down pendant, one that has personal meaning to you can help make your bridal look feel even more special. You can also incorporate your birthstone, or gems that match your wedding colour scheme, into the pendant.

If you are going for a bolder look for your wedding day, why not shop for a statement necklace and matching earrings? A simpler dress also looks jazzed up with a standout necklace, or oversized earrings.

Necklace with green jewell

Complimentary shades

Different kinds of jewellery will also complement different shades of dress. For example, silver or platinum necklaces, earrings, and bracelets look striking with a classic ivory-coloured dress. Gold jewellery better suits an ivory or champagne shade of dress. If your dress has any beading or embellishment, try matching your shade of jewellery to the shade of the dress beading.

In addition to choosing a shade of jewellery that matches your dress, also consider the shade of jewellery that would best suit your skintone. Cooler skin tones (your skin appears more pink, and your veins appear more blue than green) suit silver and platinum beautifully. In contrast, warmer skin tones (your skin appears to have a yellow tone to it and your veins appear more green than blue) suit jewellery with warmer tones, such as gold.

Stay true to yourself

Whilst it can be fun to play around with different jewellery and to style yourself exquisitely for your wedding day, you’ll still want to feel like yourself. As The Knot note, staying true to yourself will help you feel like a better version of yourself, rather than someone completely different: “Although it’s a special day, don’t stray too far from your normal style. If you rarely wear jewels, there’s no need to drown yourself in diamonds on your wedding day. The goal is to look like the best, most beautiful version of your regular self.”

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