How to avoid a veil fail


One of the most iconic parts of the bride’s outfit, the veil is both beautiful and symbolic. However, thanks to its lightweight nature and unruly length, it can also be hard to handle. To ensure you don’t come a cropper on your wedding day, take a look at our top tips for avoiding a veil fail.

Watch your length

One thing that brides fear about their wedding day more than anything else is taking a tumble on their way down the aisle. Even if you don’t do yourself any serious damage, tripping over can ruin the elegant, romantic ceremony you’ve always dreamed of. As Couples On Cakes points out “Most likely to slither around your feet are ankle length and chapel length veils. While long and classical veils for weddings look stunning in pictures, they can be deadly.”

To ensure you don’t lose your footing on your way down the aisle, it’s a good idea to choose a veil that doesn’t reach all the way down to your feet. Make sure you try your veil on with your wedding dress and your shoes, that way you can have it taken up if it’s getting dangerously close to your ankles.

Make sure there’s a clear view ahead

Another common cause of wedding veil fails is a lack of transparency. Despite the fact that their sole function is to cover your face as you walk down the aisle, some veils are too opaque to see through. If you have poor eyesight, or if your wedding is taking place in a candle lit venue or at night, this can be a real issue. To check your veil is perfectly see-through, try it on in low light before the big day.

Bride and groom

Coordinate with accessories

If you’re planning on wearing a band or clips in your hair on your wedding day, make sure you coordinate your accessories with your veil. This will help your outfit to work from head to toe and will ensure you look truly sensational. If you’re not sure what type of accessories to match with your veil, ask the professionals in the bridal shop for their advice.

Think about the weather

As wedding veils are made from light, flowing materials, they’re vulnerable to the weather. On a windy day, you may well struggle to keep your veil under control and could end up with an unruly headdress flying through all of your wedding photos. Clips can help you to keep your veil under control and some dresses are designed with attachments to allow you to secure your veil to your skirt. If the weather is very extreme, it might be worth removing the veil before the photos to avoid any sartorial mishaps.

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