Five essentials for the boho groom

Boho groom

The bohemian style is rich and evocative, conjuring up images of wistful travellers and romantic gypsy visions. Often neglected is the boho style for men, despite being the most eye-catching style for grooms trying to break the mould. It’s also a great way to make a man look charming, without trying too hard.

In this post we give you our top 5 essential tips for styling a boho groom. From handsome bandanas to rustic jewellery, find some inspiration from this list.

1. A romantic bandana


A bandana is the quintessential accessory for the boho man. Whether tied around the head or across the head, this style always looks super stylish. It offers a touch of uniqueness and really complements the overall boho vibe.

The Idle Man gives some awesome tips on how to wear a bandana properly. We love their irreverent description:

“Whether you’re having a bad hair day or simply want to accessorise a little but more, a bandana around the head can work in your favour. Again, playing with colour and texture can really work in your favour, the world is your oyster when it comes to the pattern and designs you can have. So really go all out and try something new!”

2. Festival hat

Festival hat

The only way we can describe this is as a festival style. If you’re not into your bandanas then a festival hat, replete with pheasant’s feather is the ultimate addition to the look and will really enhance the carefree vibes! Especially if you want your wedding celebrations to have that Glastonbury feel.

3. Daring rings


Rings, rings, rings! A wedding day is all about the exchange of rings. However, boho style practically demands them. A cool idea is to have rings on every finger except the one finger where you’ll be adding one later in the day. Ideally, you should opt for something abstract or even grunge – think skulls or wolf rings to capture the hipster vibe.

4. The boho beard


Yes, the beard is still very much in vogue. A truly masculine and powerful addition to any man’s look, and when it comes to boho this works without fail. Remember not to be self-conscious. The boho style is about having your style and being bold with it. The beard is a bold statement indeed.

One of the most important things about growing a beard is having it at just the right length. You don’t want it looking like you’re a member of ZZ Top! To grow a beard that looks amazing, check out James Uden’s top tips on making that beard your standout feature in The Murdock Man.

5. The rustic boutonniere


The boutonniere is where you can add a touch of the rustic. One of the key things about the boho vibe is that it’s always associated with nature and the countryside. Even if you’re getting married in the middle of a bustling metropolis, a little burst of rural charm will look perfect.

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