Alternative bridesmaids dress ideas

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Are you looking for ways to make your bridesmaids really stand out? If you’re tired of the the same uniform bridesmaid shades and prints, then read on for our advice on alternative bridesmaid dress ideas.

Work the mix and match trend

The mix and match bridesmaid look has been trending for the past few years and there are many ways you can play around with this approach, in order to make your bridesmaids look totally fresh and unique. Mixing up your shades is a lovely way to work with this trend, think an array of rainbow colours or subtler changes in hue that match your overall wedding colour scheme.

If you’re feeling particularly bold, then you could allow your bridesmaids to wear whatever they want. This will allow them to bring their unique style and charm to their bridesmaid roles. Though you may wish to guide them on colour scheme and general look, so as to keep their look complimentary.

Hit the vintage shops

Go the vintage route, and style your bridesmaids in beautiful vintage gowns. The variety in style and material available will bring a creative and original look to your bridesmaid party. From jazzy 1960s sweetheart dresses, in bold prints, to gorgeous demure 1920s and 30s gowns, styled with lace and embellishments: you’re bound to find some unique vintage bridesmaid dresses to suit any kind of wedding.

Play around with quirky prints

One way to keep your bridesmaid look unique, is to play around with cute and original prints. Going the vintage route and opting for cute patterned floral designs, is a great idea for the springtime. From bold, playful floral prints, in rainbow hues, to intricate and elaborate prints of cherry blossoms and springtime landscapes: there are many gorgeous seasonal prints to pick from.

Another way to work this look, is to play around with creative prints: think favourite foods, interests, or endearing items and incorporate them into your final dress designs.

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Shake-up the shoes and accessories

Many brides opt for the traditional heel or pump to complete their bridesmaids’ look. But other brides enjoy playing around with their bridesmaids’ footwear, to help create a totally unique look.

For example, if you’re having a bohemian wedding – you may like to style your bridesmaids in some cool cowboy boots. If you’re having a chilled affair, going for some cool sneakers may bring a relaxed look to your bridesmaid party. You could also have your bridesmaids’ shoes printed in interesting prints, embellished with faux jewels or sequins, or have them dyed in colourful hues, which contrast with or compliment their dresses.

What do you think to the alternative bridesmaid look? Are you a fan? Or would you prefer to keep it classic?

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