How to choose the perfect first dance song

The first dance is enough to strike fear into the heart of any couple. There is nothing more nerve-racking than showcasing your moves to your nearest and dearest, particularly if you’re one of the many dance-shy couples out there. Choosing the perfect song, however, is the best way to up those confidence levels and truly let go.

First dance

Our magical house and grounds has played host to countless couples looking to tie the knot. As well as offering the stunning surroundings needed to wow during your ceremony, you’ll find a choice of elegant reception rooms to accommodate your after-party. We’ve seen many fabulous first dances over the years but how can you find a song that is oh-so-us to mark this meaningful moment. Read on to discover the first dance song tips that will have you waltzing away with confidence.

Remember – planning makes perfect

As with any aspect of the wedding planning process, from choosing the perfect wedding dress to finding flowers that complement your venue, preparation is everything. The same sentiment applies to your first dance. Southern Bride offers some excellent advice regarding what decisions need to be made before your wedding day:

“It is best to plan for your first dance before your reception, even if you are not having dance lessons. By deciding upon the song beforehand, you firstly get to pick one you love! For some suggestions on first dance songs, check out a great list here. By choosing your song in advance, you will also be familiar with the song speed and length, helping you plan your dance moves beforehand. Nasty song surprises are by far best avoided on your wedding day.”

Bride and groom dance

Think back on those little and big moments

Having a common musical interest may in fact be the thing that brought you together in the first place. Whether your shared love for music was the clincher or not, looking back on those little and big moments that made your relationship as special as it is, is a great step to finding the perfect first dance song.

Was music playing when you shared your first kiss? Did you go to a concert when you were dating each other? Is there a particular song that brings back happy memories? Or is there even a song that reminds you of your partner? Share all your musical highlights, it may uncover more than you think.

It’s not just songs that will mean something, lyrics matter too. Listen to the words of songs and see what they mean to you.

Forget the slow dance altogether

These days, you don’t have to be conventional with your song choice. Thinking outside the box with your first dance song and accompanying moves will be just, if not more, memorable. Choose an upbeat song, beat or lyrics that match your personalities and relationship journey so far.

Look at the alternatives

A first dance isn’t for everyone, and with that there are many firsts you can explore as an alternative. Check out these first dance alternatives for inspiration.

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