Advice on choosing a tuxedo suit

A tuxedo style suit will lend some old school glamour and style to your wedding day look – think classic James Bond. Your bride will put extensive effort and time into finding a beautiful wedding dress and a tuxedo-style suit is the perfect complement to a striking wedding dress but how do you pick the suit that is right for you? Read on for our advice on finding your ideal tuxedo below.

Groom in tuxedo

Is a tuxedo style suit right for you?

A tuxedo suit in classic black will look stylish and classic on any man. However, it will work best for you if you feel comfortable in more dressed-up attire, as opposed to more low-key formal wear.

A tuxedo suit is the perfect choice if you are looking to go for something a little more special on your wedding day, compared to a classic formal suit. A tuxedo effortlessly conveys “special occasion” and will boost your confidence on your wedding day.

Picking the right hue for you

A bolder cobalt blue is also a great choice if you’re holding a summer or spring wedding, as the warm hue will work with the bolder colours of the season. In contrast, a white tuxedo suit is another compelling option for a unique take on the classic black tux.

It’s all in the accessories


Choosing your ideal suit also means choosing the right accessories. A wedding day suit is traditionally accessorised with a tie, while a tuxedo suit tends to be paired with a bowtie.

Whether you want to go for a more traditional look, or a look based on your own preferences, you can pick the accessories that match or contrast with the different wedding day apparel at your fingertips.

Find the right fit

Key to finding the right tuxedo style suit for you is to find one that flatters your figure. The highest-quality tuxedo style suit will look unflattering and unstylish if it does not properly fit you. As such, it’s important to ensure that you try your suit on before your purchase it. A great way to ensure that your suit fits appropriately, ensuring that you feel confident on the day, is by getting your suit from a tailor and having it tailored to fit.

In addition, you don’t need to fret that a tailored suit will blow your budget, as Modern Wedding note:

“A tailor made groom’s suit may not be as expensive as you might think. Most good tailors offer customised men’s suiting in ranges to fit any budget. It usually comes down to the quality of fabric chosen. Often the groom can select from a more exclusive range of fabrics, while the groomsmen opt for something more budget-friendly.”

Choosing a tuxedo-style suit on your wedding day

A tuxedo style suit is a classy and timeless option for a man on his wedding day. Consider if a tuxedo style suit is something you’d feel comfortable in and then take the time to look at the different styles and colours on offer.

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