Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress

Getting married is a very exciting time, which can occasionally be a little bit stressful! There is a lot of planning and organising to be done before the big day, including finding a venue, sending out the invitations and most importantly, for the bride, choosing the perfect wedding dress! The majority of women around the world, will already know the style of wedding dresses they want to wear down the aisle before they even have someone to marry. Therefore, we thought we would help with the little bit of stress you may be having, by carefully handpicking some top tips to help you find your dream wedding dress.


Keep Venue In Mind

The first logical step of planning a wedding is to set the date and decide on a venue. It is important to have your venue in mind when choosing your dress as these will go hand in hand together. For example, when opting for a traditional wedding venue in Somerset you may want to choose a more traditional dress. If you are looking for a wedding abroad and are faced with a hot climate, then you may want something more free. With so many options to choose from, you are spoilt for choice no matter the type of wedding you decide to have. Many brides already have a dress in mind that fits with the overall theme of the wedding and the style of the venue. You will need to take these into consideration to ensure that your dress and venue compliment one another.



You need to do your research before you begin wedding dress shopping. Look at photos online and in magazines, and note down the style and designer of the dresses you like. It may be beneficial to create a mood board or a scrapbook with dresses that you like to use as a reference point to help you when shopping. This will help to keep you on track with fittings, as it might become quite overwhelming with the number of dresses that you will see. Although you have this mood board in mind, it is important to remember that it is not set in stone. You might find the perfect dress which is a completely different style to your original favourite – and this is half the fun! Decide the theme and style of the wedding with the groom, so you can choose your dress appropriately. Take his choice of suit into consideration too, so that your dress compliments it. Your husband-to-be may also have an idea of the kind of dress he’d like to see you in, as will your friends and family, but make sure to stick to your own mind as no-one will know exactly what you’ll like as well as you do.


Set A Budget

Unfortunately, we can’t spend all of the wedding fund on just the dress! Each aspect of the wedding is vital and is going to cost a significant amount, so ensure that you budget for your dress, so you have money left for the other elements of your wedding day. It is important to have a rough budget as it will allow you to find a dress within a price range that is affordable for you. By setting yourself a budget, you can ensure that you stay within your price range and do not fall in love with a dress that you cannot afford. Although it may be fun to try on more expensive dresses, resist the temptation as this could present a problem and cause you to start stretching the budget when you do not really have the means to do so.


Try It On

Even if you already have a dress in mind, it is important to try it on and keep an open mind, because a picture does not always do the dress justice. If you are looking at a specific style, this may not look the same with your body shape and the same is to be said for the material. Different cuts and materials look different from person to person, and therefore it is crucial that you try before you buy!

Hopefully these top tips will be able to help you with choosing your dream wedding dress, which will blow all your guests away! Remember that finding the perfect dress can take time and therefore it is important to remember not to rush, but you will know when you have found the right dress.

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