How to make a colourful wedding dress work for you

Brightly coloured material

Not every bride dreams of a traditional white gown for her wedding day. More and more brides are breaking out of the traditional wedding look and choosing a technicolor wedding dress. Women’s magazine, Glamour, found that: “27% of 18 to 24 year olds would not wear white on their wedding day”. A bright wedding dress is a fun way to personalise your wedding look. Read on to find out more about the growing trend – bold wedding dresses and the benefits of choosing a brighter shade.

Colour – A beautiful dress for less

One of the most appealing aspects of deciding to wear a colourful wedding dress is that you can choose from a huge range of different options. From classy evening wear to bespoke designer gowns in vibrant hues; your perfect dress could come in many different packages.

For example, going for a wedding dress in a rustic red or sky blue can be a great option if you’re looking to save money on your dress. The traditional white will hike up the price tag substantially, so opting for a colourful gown can greatly bring down the price on a beautiful dress. To save even more money on your dress, you can shop for an evening dress during the sales, or grab yourself a bargain on a designer dress, by shopping on an online outlet.

A totally unique look

Coloured dressChoosing a wedding dress in a vibrant shade can elevate your colour scheme, reflect your personality, and allow you to create a really unique bridal look.  Going for a gown in a different shade can highlight a beautiful dress and leave a striking impression; a stunning gold dress could be combined with bold embellishments or a quirky cut. A sky blue dress can highlight the romantic quality of a sheer, floating skirt; while a dusty rose could bring to life a traditional sweetheart neckline and long train.

If you’re someone who loves to wear bright colours, you’ll probably appreciate the opportunity to wear a vibrant hue on your wedding day. Shirking the traditional white dress can be a great way to celebrate in an unconventional way; allowing you to put an individual stamp on your big day. In addition, a colourful wedding dress can be a fabulous way to compliment your overall colour scheme; for example, a lilac hued dress pops against a vibrant purple backdrop.

When white doesn’t flatter

Every bride wants to feel confident and beautiful on their wedding day, but some brides-to-be can feel washed out by the traditional white and ivory wedding dresses, so opting for a brighter shade can be a smart beauty choice. Pale skinned beauties may like to opt for a pale pastel, to better compliment their skin tone. A vibrant red, or burnt orange can look flawless on a bride-to-be with a darker skin tone.

Impress in your perfect shade

Choosing a colourful wedding dress is a great way to personalise your look, it can also be a cheaper and more flattering choice for many brides. Now you’ve thought about your ideal wedding dress, why not consider your accessories?

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