How to combine a contemporary themed wedding with a classic country house

Wedding rosesChoosing a distinct aesthetic for your wedding isn’t always straightforward. Most brides want something classic, classy, and just a little bit quirky, with enough room for them to showcase their personality and make the day truly special. Getting the balance just right is the key to creating a wedding that you, and your guests, will remember forever.

One of the most popular types of venue is the country house. Spacious, stunning, and atmospheric, country houses are ideal for wedding celebrations of all kinds. Though they lend themselves perfectly to classic receptions, thanks to their elegant looks and stylish interiors, you can make your chosen country house fit almost any wedding theme you can think of.

Keep it simple

If you’ve chosen a sleek, contemporary look for your big day, it’s important that you keep the décor of your country house as simple as possible. Choose a minimalist colour theme like black and white, purple, or silver, and keep any rustic or home made decorations to a minimum.

Contemporary weddings often have very strong style themes, with large blocks of colour, stripes and metallics all making regular appearances in modern celebrations. Avoid using too many colours as this could make your wedding theme a little wishy-washy and will detract from your overall look.

Country houses can look especially good when simple but effective décor is used, as it allows the architectural and design features of the property to really stand out.


Contemporary flower arrangements can look stunning. Opt for bold, architectural flowers like lilies, orchids and white roses, using striking foliage to accentuate your chosen bouquet. Most modern arrangements are clean and simple, so try to avoid using too many different blooms when creating your bouquets.

An elegantly set out table

Table settings

Your guests will take in your table settings the moment they walk into the reception area. How these tables look will have a big impact on their overall impressions of the day. Keep your colour theme going through your table settings and try to use the same types of flowers that you had in your wedding bouquet. The vases that they are displayed in will also influence the look of the table, so make sure you choose a container that suits your theme and your colour pallet.


Carry your modern theme into your wedding breakfast and delight your guests with tasty – and unexpected – culinary treats. You could even choose a modern take on one of you and your partner’s family favourites. Like Special Events magazine says: “clients are looking for something less cookie-cutter, more personalized”. So why not make your modern menu an extension of your personality?

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