How to create a wedding budget

The cost of the average wedding in Britain is now £27,161, the highest it has ever been. The wedding budget has never been so important. Establishing how much you want and need to spend to make your wedding day dreams come true is the first task for any couple planning a wedding. Budgeting will stand you, and your finances, in good stead in the run up to your big day. Read on to discover our top tips for creating a wedding budget that is not only realistic but well suited to your wedding day ambitions.

Wedding budget

Do your research

Setting a wedding budget is all about being aware of how much things cost in the first place. Prices may vary from supplier to supplier, and differ from region to region. Do your research to find out more about what you can expect to pay for each aspect of your wedding. You’ll find lots of information on the net, and speaking to friends and family members who have recently tied the knot will also provide essential insights.

List everything

Leave no stone unturned when it comes to budgeting. Make lists of everything, and we mean everything, you need for your big day. Include large expenses like the wedding venue and your wedding dress, to the little DIY Mr and Mrs signs you plan to make yourself to add that personal touch. Accounting for every expense will ensure you are completely realistic about what you and your partner need to save to afford your dream wedding day.

Set savings goals

You don’t have to delay wedding planning until you’ve saved every last penny detailed on your budget. While some things will need to be paid for now, others won’t be due until a bit closer to your wedding date. Setting a series of short term and long term savings goals is a great way to forge ahead with wedding planning. Consider wedding timescales as well as your income and outgoings to set achievable goals in the run up to your wedding day.

Open savings account

Open a savings account

Keeping your wedding fund separate from your personal bank accounts is a tactic used by many couples when saving. Nutmeg (@thenutmegteam) offers some great advice for saving for your wedding:

“How and where you save will depend on your personal situation, but some of the more popular options include setting up a separate pot within your existing bank account or setting up a brand new joint savings account. When looking at your cash savings options, remember to see how much interest you can earn – every penny counts.”

Go all-inclusive

Going all-inclusive doesn’t just make perfect sense for your honeymoon. Choosing a venue with an all-inclusive package will ensure you’re clear on costs throughout the entire wedding planning process.

Here at St Audries Park, we host weddings for couples with varying requirements and budgets. Our all-inclusive package offers ultimate peace of mind for those looking for fixed costs for a wide range of wedding day essentials, including food and drink, chair covers, venue hire, flowers, entertainment and even accommodation for you and your guests. Each all-inclusive package is completely bespoke and tailored to your exacting needs.

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