Creative buttonhole ideas for the groom

A grooms buttonhole

Are you a future groom, looking for some buttonhole inspiration? Well, today, we cover some creative and unique ideas for making the most of your wedding day jacket, with a stylish buttonhole.

Buttonhole basics

Before we explore creative and classic buttonhole ideas, first let’s explore the basics. The buttonhole is traditionally worn by the groom, the father of the bride, and other important members of the family.

Buttonholes are traditionally pinned to the buttonhole of the left lapel, and can include a simple flower or more elaborate floral designs.

The classic buttonhole

The classic buttonhole is usually adorned with a simple flower: classically the white carnation. You can’t go wrong matching your bloom with your bride’s choice of bouquet flowers, or flowers which are featured in your wedding.

A simple white rose is also a lovely choice for a classic buttonhole look. To go for a more contemporary style, why not opt for an orchid? In addition, a white flower looks especially complimentary with a black or dark navy suit.

Think quirkier seasonal foliage

Instead of opting for the classic single white flower, try exploring the different seasonal foliage and interesting plants on offer. For example, if you are planning an Autumn wedding, then you might like to try berries and leaves; incorporating a host of interesting, more quirky foliage into your buttonhole design.

You can also play around with wild plants or natural objects, such as: eucalyptus flower, lavender, rosemary, pine cones, wheat thistle, and craspedia, which all make for a refreshingly stylish look.

Grooms buttonhole flowers

Paper flowers

A nice take on the classical floral buttonhole, is the paper flower. You can go for a paper flower, made out of beautiful multi-coloured pieces of paper. Crafting a flower out of the pages of modern or vintage pages of books, especially your old childhood or adult favourites, is a great way to make your buttonhole more original. If you’re a music lover then you may like to craft your paper flower out of some sheet music, for a uniquely artistic look.


In contrast to the floral buttonhole, a buttonhole that features feathers would make for an intriguing change. Gorgeous white, grey, speckled, peacock, or vibrant coloured feathers will all look striking on your wedding day suit.

You can go for single feathers, layer a variety of feathers, or you can pair feathers with flowers and other foliage.

Bring in your own quirky additions

In addition to using flowers and other natural elements in your buttonhole design, you can also bring in some other quirky elements into your final buttonhole look. For example, try adding in badges, scrabble pieces (with both your initials on), or ribbons.

Feathers, flowers, and foliage are all striking elements that you can play around with for your wedding day buttonhole.

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