How to have the perfect day come rain or shine

The great British weather is an unpredictable beast. Even for couples planning for a wedding date in the peak spring and summer seasons, those warm temperatures and sunny conditions can’t be guaranteed. After months and even years of careful organisation, it can be traumatic to have the weather upend your wedding. Luckily, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure your big day is a success regardless of the weather.

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At St Audries Park, we provide the perfect indoor and outdoor setting for your dream wedding day. There’s some 100 acres of deer park to explore outside and grand, elegant surroundings to take in inside here. Taking advantage of the complete scene, and the many stunning photo opportunities it presents, is integral to making the most of your wedding venue and enjoying your special day in all its glory. Read on to discover our top tips for having the perfect wedding day, come rain or shine.

Always have a plan B

As with any aspect of the wedding planning process, comprehensive preparation is the key. Although the weather can’t be controlled, having a plan B is a great idea. For those marrying during the cooler months, be prepared for snowier conditions by accessorising your winter wedding dress with a thick shawl. Lucky enough to enjoy blazing sun on your wedding day? Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen to hand.

Weatherproof your wedding

Wet weatherAs well as working closely with your chosen venue to prepare a plan B, accessorising for the worst case scenario will ensure you can have an epic occasion, whatever the weather throws at you. This article from Bridebook describes how every cloud, even a rain filled one, has a silver lining:

“If rain is expected, embrace it! Why not get guests to bring a pair of wellies? Or if you have a little budget to spare, give them multi-coloured wellies as favours (you can find cheap ones online) – you could even ask their shoe size on the invite. Or have your names and the wedding date drawn on brightly coloured brollies for people to take away with them, et voila! Imagine your whole guest list in wellies and brollies – the pictures will look amazing! Oh and ladies, keep yourselves (and your stunning shoes) from sinking into the wet ground with heelstoppers!”

Your weatherproof accessories could even complement your wedding theme. All-weather footwear for example provides an interesting twist, whatever your choice of wedding gown.

Deal with it gracefully

Weatherproofing and alternate planning aside, your attitude to weather conditions is the only thing that’s left to fine-tune. The New York Times offers a number of helpful tips on gracefully handling rain on your wedding day which you may want to check out. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Your ushers are there to support you. Equipped with towels and umbrellas, they can set the scene for your grand entrance, regardless of the rain. You can also rely on your team to lighten the load when it comes to dealing with the stresses and strains certain to accompany a bad forecast. Your photographer in particular may want to use the seemingly unfavourable weather to their advantage. Shots in the rain can be seriously romantic for those brave enough to take them on!

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