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Friendship bracelets may seem like something you left behind in primary school. Although you have outgrown the frayed, Crayola-coloured bracelets that your younger selves sported around the playground, they will always hold a special charm.

Luckily, there is a way to indulge in a classic friendship bracelet without feeling like you’re ten years old again. A DIY bracelet can reflect the sophisticated and storied friendships of an older crowd. These re-imagined renditions of a childhood accessory are the perfect present for your hardworking bridesmaids.


The perfect bridesmaid gift

Friendship bracelets are a sweet gift for your bridesmaids. They’re likely to bring a nostalgic glow to your friends, and are a heartfelt gift way of saying thanks for all the hard work they’ve put into helping to plan your hen do and wedding.

You might like to stay clear of the vibrant string colours you wore back at school. Swapping the pieces of string for charms and pretty gems is one way to help make these gifts feel more ‘grown-up’.

One way to craft your friendship bracelet is by attaching a charm to a coloured thread. The charm can be something bridesmaid related, such as a little dress that could represent their bridesmaid dress, or a heeled shoe for the heels you’ll both wear on the day. Another lovely way to incorporate a charm into a friendship bracelet is by picking a something that has special meaning to you. It doesn’t have to be serious or deep. Perhaps you and your friend have a shared love of pizza – you might like to link a small pizza-slice charm onto your friend’s bracelet.

Alternatively, you could choose a more serious route. Incorporating charms engraved with the bridesmaid’s name is a popular option. You could also gift each bridesmaid with a bracelet featuring their initials and birthstones. This will make each bracelet feel intimate and personal.

If you’re not the handy type then you can always opt for a shop-bought bracelet, with lots of original designs on the market. You could order an understated silver bangle, carved with a quote from your friend’s favourite book or song, or your names (if you want to keep it old school). Bracelets that showcase a variety of charms of your friend’s interests are always a lovely choice.

Bringing the classic friendship bracelets back

As Refinery29 note, friendship bracelets are in for a classy make over:

“And thankfully, you and your friend forever’s sense of style has also evolved past the awkward ensembles you swore made you both look cool down the middle school hallways. It’s time to give the age-old ritual of friendship bracelets the same grown-up upgrade it deserves, from #tbt handmade macramé pieces to matching sleek bangles and cuffs.”

Trade in bright hues and string pieces for silver charms and birthstones and you’ll have some classy DIY bridesmaid gifts for your leading ladies.

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