Don’t let your photographer miss important shots at your wedding

Your wedding photographs will be looked at for many years to come and let you remember the biggest day of your life. We asked several brides if they felt they had forgotten to ask their photographer to capture any images or moments. Please read on and make sure you don’t overlook the following:-

Bouquet- Most brides forget to ask for photos of their bouquets before they’ve been held all day long.  Bouquet and bridesmaids’ posy shots are a forgotten classic and you’ll regret it if you don’t put them on your shot list.

Cake topper- Cake toppers are a very important, yet fragile memento of the big day, so make sure you get the shot early in case you have any broken disasters.

Groomsmen- In all their excitement, some brides forget about their groomsmen. Don’t forget to have a picture of them on their own and with the bride at some point during the day.

Cutting the cake- It may sound obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many newlyweds forget this classic shot.  If you aren’t going to cut your cake until the evening when your photographer may have left the venue then get  a shot of you posing with the cake pretending to cut.

You and your mum- If your Dad is giving you away, he will feature heavily in the pictures at the start of the day.  Therefore, don’t forget to get a posed shot with your Mum– just the two of you.  Try to get this shot at the start of the day before the emotion of the event takes hold.

The wedding breakfast- Your photographer should nip into the wedding breakfast room and capture the table centres, favours and so on in pristine condition before your guests arrive.

Shoes- Avoid the blister pads, muddy stains and broken heels, and get a shot of your wedding shoes at the start of the day.  They look particularly pretty arranged with your veil and bridal accessories.

Emotions- A good photographer will be able to capture those special moments that may have gone unnoticed.  Tears, laughter and excitement should be sprinkled throughout your wedding album.

Your best girls- Ask your photographer to get a great posed shot of your bridesmaids together.  They should all be smiling and at least one shot should show off their dresses in all their glory.  Don’t forget close ups of their accessories and shoes, too, especially if you’ve bought them a special jewellery-based gift for the morning of the wedding.

Transport- A classic posed photo from behind the transport as you leave your wedding venue is a must.  It’s the perfect way to finish off your wedding album and you can use the photo for your thank you cards too!

Don’t let your very special day pass without capturing these magical moments!

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