Engagement gift ideas for glamorous girls

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The two most important things to consider when it comes to engagement gifts are, firstly, your fiancée’s character and personality; and secondly, what kind of engagement ceremony you two are going to celebrate.

If your girlfriend has a preference for all things glamorous, this blog post is for you.

Idea number 1

Glamour and luxury don’t necessarily mean spending lots of money on your engagement gifts. If your fiancée loves a little bit of luxury, you could get her a pass for a day in a spa. Some of these spa vouchers are available for a lot less than you’d think. It will be a fantastic day for your girl, a day when she doesn’t have to worry about anything except her own well-being. Add a bit more to this gift by turning it into an experience for both of you. For just a little bit more, you could join her, and make the day into a weekend away at a spa.

Idea number 2

Another idea if your fiancée is a lover of luxury, but you can’t afford to break the bank (perhaps because you too have committed to a mortgage, or are planning on starting a family); is to gift her something from your family heirloom. You could speak to your mother or another member of your family, who perhaps has a hand-embroidered shawl, a fine necklace or a Chinese vase that your fiancée would love to have. This kind of gift holds a special significance, as it symbolises that your wife-to-be is now also a part of your family.

Idea number 3

If money isn’t an objection, and you know that your fiancée is going to love a bit of a splurge, why not take her on a short cruise to the Norwegian fjords, or the Caribbean. Usually the months leading up to your wedding day are some of the happiest you’ll live in your life, and taking the time to bask in their glow will pay back. You’ll make some of the best memories in your life, together. A cruise gives you 5 days to focus just on each other, enjoying fine meals, a nice room away from home, and discovering new cities.

Caribbean cruise

Idea number 4

Another wonderful gift for a coquettish girl, on the higher end of the spectrum, is a handbag. Some women, indeed, really fall for handbags. This is where your knowledge of your fiancée comes in. Is she going to like a classic handbag, or will prefer something with an edge? You could make this into more of an event, by taking her to the shops and letting her choose just whichever handbag she likes. A wonderful thought for a girl with an eye for fashion. You could end the day by taking her to dinner to her favourite restaurant, or maybe one she’s never been to before.

Your engagement ceremony

A very important part of your engagement is how you gift these items to each other. Think very carefully about this ritual. Whether you are going to be only in each other’s company, or in the company of your families, trying to make this moment as special as possible will be a wonderful idea. Some of the gifts above aren’t very easy to wrap in a box, but try to be innovative for some extra added suspense!

For example, if you have decided for the spa idea, you could get a pebble from the beach; and wrap a colourful band around it, saying “spa day for my favourite woman”. You could then place the vouchers under the pebble, and everything inside a gift box.

If your engagement ceremony is going to take place with your families, don’t forget to prepare a short and understated speech about your other half, one that reminds everyone about how special she is!

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