Engagement gift ideas for adventurous girls

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This blog post is dedicated to all nervous or undecided fiancés, who are not sure what a good engagement gift for their girl would be. Of course, a gorgeous ring, but we’re assuming you’ve bagged one already and might have already asked her to marry you as you’re reading this.

Let us start by saying what are the two most important things to consider when it comes to engagement gifts. Firstly, consider your fiancé’s character and personality. Is she a lover of the finer things in life, or is she an adventurous soul? This blog post is dedicated to the latter type, and we have covered the essentials for glamorous girls in another post.

The second thing you ought to bear in mind is what kind of engagement ceremony you are going to celebrate. Is it going to be an intimate event, to be shared only with one another, in the comfort of your home, or at a far-away destination? Or are you going for a more formal engagement, where your closest relatives and friends will take part in the ceremony of exchanging gifts?

Engagement gift ideas for adventurous souls

Idea number 1

Perhaps you are not willing to spend a fortune on an engagement gift, but don’t want to compromise on any of the fun. One fantastic suggestion for this is to spend a weekend hiking and camping. Fortunately, the UK boasts some fantastic National Parks, such as the Peak District or the South Downs, where you could have a wonderful time on a shoestring. Don’t forget to pack your hiking boots, tent and some protein bars, and get ready for the great outdoors!

Parachute jump

Idea number 2

If your girlfriend’s idea of fun is to get her adrenaline running at top speed, consider taking her for a day of skydiving. Most places offering this service don’t require attendants to have any prior experience; and you will be at all times accompanied by a specialist who will teach you, guide you and jump with you. It is worth bearing in mind that, the higher the altitude you jump for, the more striking the jump; as you stop feeling the acceleration of gravity. A lover of all things extreme is going to die for this gift!

Your engagement ceremony

A very important part of your engagement is how you gift these items to each other. Think very carefully about this ritual. Trying to make this moment as special as possible will be a wonderful idea. Some of the gifts above aren’t very easy to wrap in a box, and this will give you an extra chance to be that little bit more creative!

For example, if you have decided for the hiking idea, you could get a map of the area you are going to explore together, and gift it to your girl alongside a heartfelt postcard. You could put the train tickets inside the envelope.

If your engagement ceremony is going to take place in the company of your friends or family, do prepare a short and understated speech that reminds everyone about how special she is!

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