Engagement party dress ideas

Engagement party dressUnlike a wedding, an engagement party has a far more lenient dress code – but this can make it harder to figure out what to wear. Below, we explore the best options for guests and the newly-engaged couple.

Engagement party attire for guests

Some couples may specify their dress code on their engagement party invite – making life a lot easier for you! Be sure to read the invite carefully, in order to check if they have a specific dress code.

What to wear to an engagement party will depend on the type of event that the newly engaged couple are throwing. Is it a warm spring, or summertime BBQ? A relaxed event, will call for tasteful, yet relaxed attire. Such an event would call for a pretty maxi dress, or a light, yet formal mini dress. As a male guest, you won’t go far wrong with a nice shirt – pair it with smart jeans, or some trousers.

If the event is more formal: cocktail dresses are a great option for women attending an engagement party; think smart, formal dresses that are knee-length. You don’t want to look too done up, but you do want to make sure you are dressing to celebrate – this makes a cocktail dress the perfect option; it’s sophisticated, without being overdone. Match your cocktail dress with some stylish ballerina pumps, or some classy heels to complete your look.

Men should stick to shirts and trousers, but leave their suit jackets at home – so as not to look too formal.

What to wear as the newly engaged couple

What should you wear, as the newly engaged couple, for your own engagement party? An engagement party is a good excuse for both the future bride and the future groom to dress up – whether you’re opting for a fancy restaurant, or a low-key celebration at your family home.

If your engagement party is taking place at home, or in another laidback environment – why not got for a pretty maxi dress, or a nice top and jeans? Both of these options bring an element of class to your look, without looking over the top. Opting for a top with some pretty embellishments and accessorising with a pair of stylish wedges will also help dress your look up nicely. In contrast, opting for a pretty maxi dress, or mini dress, styled with lace, or a pretty print will give your outfit a special feel.

Pink party shoes

However, if you have arranged for your engagement party to take place at a swanky restaurant, or hotel, you’ll want to go for something more glamorous. A stylish cocktail dress, with heels is the perfect look for a glamourous wedding party. No matter what you wear, there is one rule you should always abide by – don’t wear white, as Grazia Daily note:

“One rule we’re sticking to throughout is the need to stray from white – save it for the big day. Instead opt for, well, the opposite.”

If you’re the groom-to-be your best choice is always a nice shirt, no matter if your engagement party is held in a formal, or informal setting. However, you choice of jacket and trousers will both be influenced by where you are intending to hold your engagement party; if it’s to take place in an informal setting – go for jeans and forget the jacket. In contrast, if you are planning to hold your party in a more formal environment – go for smart trousers and a fitted jacket (but not a suit jacket – only break that out on your wedding day!).

Dressing for an engagement party doesn’t have to be a headache – stick to our simple advice and you’ll come out looking stylish and appropriately dressed for the occasion.

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