Just engaged? Here’s how to take care of that sparkler

There are so many ways to enjoy that ‘just engaged’ feeling. But some post-engagement tasks just can’t be skipped, one of which is taking care of that sparkler.

Whether your partner popped the question with an alternative ring or got down on one knee and presented you with a classic diamond before asking that big question, you’ll want to read our dos and don’ts of engagement ring care.

Do make a habit of ring cleaning

Ensuring your engagement ring lasts a lifetime relies on regular cleaning, and it’ll keep that sparkler shining for longer. Thankfully, you don’t have to invest in expensive jewellery cleaning formulas or spend too much time scrubbing away to keep your stone and the rest of the setting in tip-top condition.

All you need is warm water, a couple of drops of mild washing up liquid and a soft-bristled brush – a baby’s toothbrush is perfect for the job – to give your engagement ring a good once over. Combine the warm water and detergent, and soak your ring in the solution for five minutes. For a more thorough clean, leave your ring soaking overnight.

Gently polish the ring with the toothbrush before rinsing thoroughly and patting dry. Repeat every two to three weeks.

Don’t overestimate the strength of your stone

Diamonds are seen as pretty much unbreakable but this is simply not the case. Diamonds are just as susceptible to damage as other stones and can bruise, break or chip without the right care.

Avoid wearing your engagement ring when cleaning, swimming or partaking in rigorous sport to protect it from harm. Be sure to store it in a safe place, preferably at home. Wearing an engagement ring – and remembering to put it back on – can take some getting used to!

Those rocking an alternative gemstone engagement ring should take extra care. Gemstone hardness varies drastically from stone to stone, which makes getting to know the properties of your chosen gemstone particularly important.

Do resize your engagement ring with care

Resizing is a nifty process that helps you achieve the perfect engagement ring fit, but beware of getting your ring resized too much. Brides offer more advice for ring resizing without the damage:

“Typically, rings can be increased or decreased up to two sizes. Beyond that, it can put too much stress on the ring. If you can’t have your ring resized until a future date, your jeweller may add a ring guard to make it a little snugger. It’s a bar that clips across the bottom of your ring, but it should be used for only a short amount of time.”

Remember some rings simply can’t be resized. Tungsten, rose gold and titanium rings are just some of the metals that are difficult or even impossible to resize.

Don’t forget to insure your sparkler

Your home and its contents are insured, so why wouldn’t you insure this very precious and expensive piece of jewellery?

With the right insurance policy, your engagement ring can be covered for damage, theft and even loss. Alternatively, you can add the item to your home insurance for very little cost and lots of extra coverage.

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