How to ensure your bridesmaid’s style compliments your bridal look

Bride and bridesmaids

Sometimes bridesmaids’ outfits can take a back seat, but to ensure you look and feel your best in your wedding dress, you’ll want to carefully consider the styles you’re putting your leading ladies in. For your photographs and your big walk down the aisle, you want to make sure that your bridesmaids’ outfits beautifully compliment and contrast your own look. Read on for our advice on how best to compliment your look with theirs.

Buy your dress first

Even though you might first be tempted by some beautiful floaty grecian bridesmaid dresses in a romantic shade of lilac, don’t buy your bridesmaid dresses without buying your own dress first. While you may have a clear image of the kind of wedding dress you want to wear in your mind, you may soon change your mind when you are trying dresses on in the bridal shop. Many brides go into dress shopping with a certain dress in mind, but many find that the dress they dreamed of looks less than flattering in reality and their hearts are stolen by a dress that they would have never imagined themselves in. As the bride, it’s most important that you feel comfortable and confident in yourself on your wedding day, so, always buy your dress first and shop for complimentary bridesmaid dresses later.

Match your wedding dress to your bridesmaid dresses

Key to creating a striking, uniform look with your bridesmaids is to go for bridesmaid dresses that compliment your style of wedding dress. For example, if you’re going for a sleek, figure-hugging silk gown, with minimal embellishments, then your bridesmaids will look best in similar designs.

Bridesmaids with bride

One of the key things to consider when going for a complimentary look between the bride and bridesmaids dresses, is to ensure that the dresses are made from the similar materials. The Knot highlights this is one of their latest posts:

“There are so many ways to have your bridal party coordinate with each other (the easiest being coordinating dress colors) but what if you want your bridesmaids to match you? The fabric of your dress may be the answer. Whether your wedding dress is lace, tulle, chiffon or satin, most bridal designers have bridesmaid dresses made of the same material for easy coordination.”

If you’d like to individualise your bridesmaids’ looks a little more, but still ensure that they work with your look, you can go for dresses that are a different basic design to yours, but that share similar detailing. For example, are you going for some classy lace sleeves? Be sure to replicate this look with your bridesmaids dresses for a subtle complimentary feel.

If you’d like to keep your bridesmaids looks fresh and provide more of a contrast between your own dress and theirs, then you can focus on mixing and matching designs; going for patterned dresses and dresses that are different shades. Key to ensuring that the mix and match look ties together, is to ensure that your bridesmaids dresses match your overall colour scheme.

Tying in your look with theirs

Will you go for super complimentary bridesmaid dresses or will you contrast your look with theirs? Whichever styles you go for, make sure that your bridesmaid dresses work with your overall colour scheme and wedding theme.

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