Equestrian Extravagance

A bridge & groom on horsebackLooking back at the history of weddings, you will notice horses have always been synonymous with the big day. This was particularly true back in the day, as these magnificent creatures would take the bride to the church and the newlyweds off into the sunset. So, the idea of an equestrian themed wedding is simply the best. Tying in neatly with a rustic, countryside theme too, perfect for any of Country House Weddings venues.

The beauty of it is that all Country House Wedding venues have ample room to incorporate the equestrian style – from Leez Priory with its stunning Elizabethan red brick exterior, to the fairy tale manor house at St Audries Park. Each venue is surrounded by an ample amount of fantastic natural beauty.

As with every wedding theme, success is in the details. For many, horse riding is a favourite hobby, particularly in the countryside. Adding things like riding hats and equestrian blankets is a definite winner, also any memorabilia such as rosettes and old family photos of you and your beloved with horses, positioned along or amongst the tables would add a touch of personality and wonderful nostalgia.

Choosing the Perfect Style

A wedding cart viewed from behindThe Very Last Detail has discovered an equestrian wedding theme photoshoot, melding some quintessential rural chic, with a slight Scottish Highland flavour. Lauren Grove writes that the shoot was “inspired by the elegant style of Ralph Lauren. This shoot from Details, Weddings & Events is full of some gorgeous equestrian-inspired wedding ideas. Deep rich tones of red and green paired with plaid, a hint of rustic style, and gold accents make for stunning wedding inspiration that will make you fall in love with the equestrian world.”

For some more distinct inspiration, with fabulous ideas on little touches like mini pewter horse sculptures on the dinning plates and riding trophies as vases, Jemma Fitzgerald of You Mean the World to Me has found some simple yet perfect decorations to make your equestrian wedding a stylish and ornate affair. Jemma makes a great point about incorporating horseshoes, saying “having long played a role in weddings; being an ancient symbol of good luck, a horseshoe is traditionally given to a bride on the morning of her wedding. Carry a lucky silver horseshoe with your bouquet or go one step further and use the symbol as a print throughout your wedding.” She says further “To really win the race, have a horse themed wedding and add colourful rosettes, ribbons and trophies to your big day decor and arrive by horse and carriage to your ceremony.”

When thinking of an equestrian theme, there are two cultures that spring to mind – English races and of course the American West. So, if you’re aim is to cross the Atlantic and inject a little bit of the Old West into your big day, an American equestrian theme would definitely work wonderfully. The Huffington Post sourced a few eye catching ideas, stating that “to make equestrian work for your wedding, think leather with metallic accents, greenery, classic colours, and clean lines. Bridesmaids can keep it casual in boots or dress up in fancy hats. And don’t forget the star of the show — a horse! — so you and your beloved can ride off into the sunset together.”

So, whether it’s a traditional English or rustic US style, make sure your equestrian dream wedding mixes those essential ingredients of nostalgia and extravagance. We hope this advice will steer you in the right direction.

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