How to find the perfect makeup artist for your Wedding Day

Wedding makeup

It can be tempting to do your own makeup on your wedding day. However, a great makeup artist will be able to use their years of experience and knowledge of the techniques and products to help you look your sensational best. In this post, check out our advice on how to pick the right makeup artist for your big day.

Browse their work

Most makeup artists have online portfolios showcasing their work. You can get an idea of the kinds of work they do, their style and which aspects they specialise in. Browse a number of online portfolios in order to compare the different looks on offer. Many makeup artists specialise in wedding makeup – keep this in mind when doing your online research.

Read reviews

When shopping around for a makeup artist, it’s important to check out the online reviews. This will give you an idea of what to expect from an artist and how talented they are at pulling off certain looks. Read reviews from the clients of local makeup artists online; these reviews tend to be unbiased and trustworthy, compared to client testimonials placed strategically on an artist’s website.

Consider costs

In addition to considering the skills and techniques used by a makeup artist, also take time to carefully weigh up the cost of each artist you look at. Put the figure into perspective with the rest of your budget, and how much you’re willing to spend to achieve the look you want.

Makeup brushesArrange a makeup trial

After narrowing down your choices, it’s important to arrange a makeup trial. Makeup trials can feel like an extra unnecessary cost, but they are vital as they will allow you to find the right makeup artist for you. A makeup trial also allows you to experiment with different shades of makeup and explore different makeup looks. Skipping a makeup trial may lead you to feel stressed and unhappy with your final appearance on your wedding day.

Book them fast

Once you’ve found the right makeup artist for you, be sure to book in with them and sign a contract as they can get booked up incredibly quickly. Oh Lovely Day shares more on this below:

“When you find a professional whose work you not only love, but can also get along with on a personal level, it is vital for you to book them as soon as possible! We professionals tend to book up quickly (about a year in advance) especially during wedding season (March-September) so it’s really important to lock down your makeup artist as soon as you find the one that fits you best. Also, any professional working in the wedding industry is going to contract you; makeup is no different. I know many women see makeup as something frivolous and would never think it necessary to need a contract, but in all reality it is quite crucial and beneficial for all parties involved.

As makeup artists, we use contracts to protect and benefit you the client, as well as ourselves.  Contracts help to keep everyone clear and on the same page in terms of expectations, and helps to provide ways of resolving conflicts that may occur. It also keeps the makeup artist from bailing on you last minute (which should never happen if you’re working with a true professional).”

Finding a makeup artist that is right for you is easier than seems at first. Take the time to look at their work online, read reviews and arrange some trial runs – this is a foolproof approach to finding the right makeup artist for you.

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