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When a man gets married it’s a time for him to look his best. With a little research and a good injection of creativity, the groom’s outfit can be made as special as the bride’s.

A suit is one of the best options for the groom, as it will give him a distinct classic feel. As a matter of fact, a suit doesn’t equal traditional and predictable. During the past five years, the trend has been shifting towards casual traditionalism, with grooms incorporating their own touches, like unique pocket squares, boutonnières, and memorable ties. Colour wise, a groom no longer has to go for standard palette of greys, blacks or blues – we have seen a flurry of checks and pin stripes, in a variety of colours, making their way into the wedding gear roster.

Today, the world may still be focusing primarily on how the bride looks, but we see that grooms are giving far more time and attention than ever before to their style and looks. So we at Country House Weddings have put together some much needed advice for men to choose the right look.

Structuring the Groom’s Look

Half of a groomIt’s often said that the suit makes the man, and it’s true. However, it is very important not to use any old suit, as the chosen outfit must compliment the shape of the body, enhance those handsome features and generally make a man feel confident. Effort must also be paid to the structure and colour of the suit. Bad quality tailoring must be avoided at all costs, as is choosing a colour that the groom doesn’t feel comfortable in.

For the more conservative types, a simple yet beautifully designed business suit always fits the bill. A blue mottled design is traditional, adding a bit of individuality to an otherwise conventional suit, without danger of stepping out of one’s comfort zone.

If there’s a groom who truly knows his own style, then incorporating checks or pinstripes might be a good way forward. Ranging from a more sombre yet stylish shades such as brown and purple or maroon and grey, to a braver but still elegant mix of pastel colours.

Seasons and themes play a major role for brides, and it can be apply for the grooms too. For example, if tying the knot in the autumn or winter, a groom can create an English country squire look, with tweeds and tartan. For those wanting to break ever so slightly with tradition, a bit of hipster flair added to this look will make him stand out. For spring and summer weddings, on the other hand, adopting a charming Mediterranean look will be perfect – for example, a laid back lounge suit, with tan patent shoes and a crisp white shirt will look effortless yet outstanding.

Finally, accessorising may be a secondary thought, but it’s no less important, always remember the staples are a pocket square, ties and boutonnières. Even if choosing just the one, make sure it complements the overall look and doesn’t seem cheap. Writing in rockmywedding.co.uk, Adam Crohill gives his astute advice on creating a standout style for grooms, especially when it comes to accessories, which he says “How you choose to accessorise your suit is another way to inject personality and can really lift your look to the next level.”

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