Groom suit tips

Groom in wedding suit

There is a lot of pressure to get your suit right for your wedding day. Below, we explore our top advice on how to come out looking stylish.

Make sure your suit is well-fitted

Pivotal to looking great in your wedding day suit, is ensuring that your suit fits well. A baggy suit, or one that is too short on you, will not come off well in your wedding day photos. You should pick a suit that you feel comfortable in and that works well with your size and body type.

It goes without saying, but make sure to try your suit on long before the wedding day. Some grooms take a relaxed approach to their wedding day attire, and wait to try their suit on in the week or two before their wedding. This can lead to last minute panics, if the suit doesn’t fit right or work with the theme for the wedding.

If you are not sure about how to go about picking a suit that works for you, contact a tailor. A tailor will provide you with a suit that fits you perfectly, as they will alter your suit to fit.

Match your suit with her dress or his suit

Key to picking the right suit, is taking into consideration how your suit will work with your partner’s dress or suit. It is tradition that the groom doesn’t get a peak of the bride’s dress before the day, but you can ask for some general advice on the kind of style you should go for. In addition, you can also use the theme of the wedding day to help you pick the right suit for you; going for a vintage wedding? Why not go for a vintage suit, or embrace some vintage material (such as tweed, suspenders, or a bow-tie)?

Groom attire

Think colours

Black is the classic shade for a groom, because it looks great on everyone. Black is classy, and appropriate for any season. However, there are many more great shades to choose from. Different colours will work well with different seasons and weddings. Consider the shades of the season: navy and burgundy look beautiful in autumn, tan looks striking in the summer, black is a classic winter hue, and a true blue suit is a great choice for a bold springtime look.

In addition to considering your seasonal shades and which shade will work with your wedding colour palette, consider how the shade of suit will work with your complexion. If you’re fair, darker colours of suit will contrast with your skin tone beautifully. If you have a warm, olive skin tone, opt for suits with a warm undertone, such as a tan brown, or burgundy. Men with a darker skintone will look striking in a bold shade, such as a true blue.

In addition, if you’re going for colourful accessories, be sure to work with a neutral colour for your suit. As RMRS explains, “Charcoal grey is extremely easy to match. As that charcoal is firmly on the grayscale (absent of color – a neutral) it goes well with a wide range of colors allowing a man to be more adventurous with the shirts and ties that he pairs his suit with”.

Picking a suit that fits you well, in a great shade will go a long way in ensuring you look great on your wedding day.

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