5 things you need to know about honeymooning in Asia

Offering everything from action-packed mega cities to deserted beaches and mountain hikes to designer shopping, Asia is a continent that truly has it all. Whether you want to spend your honeymoon lying on a tropical beach in Thailand, exploring futuristic Japan, learning about the ancient history of China or sampling the culinary delights of Vietnam, you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more in this vibrant corner of the world. To help you plan the perfect adventure, we’ve put together our top tips for honeymooning in Asia.

Honeymoon in Asia

1. When to go

Asia is a vast continent and weather conditions vary significantly from north to south and east to west. If you’re thinking about heading to South East Asia – countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Indonesia – the European winter is generally the best time to visit. In December, January, February and March, conditions are generally dry and warm (although northern areas like Hanoi and Laos can still be a little chilly). If you’re thinking of travelling to somewhere further north like Japan, South Korea or China, you’d be better off waiting until the spring as these regions take a little longer to warm up.

2. Where to go

With so many outstanding destinations to choose from, deciding where to go for your Asian honeymoon won’t be easy. If you’re looking for picture postcard beaches, The Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia are pretty tough to beat. Great food can be found across the entire continent and most countries in Asia have rich and vibrant cultures for you to explore.

3. Costs

In general, countries in South East Asia offer the best value for money. Food, hotels and travel are very affordable and luxury options won’t break the bank. Japan is probably the most expensive destination in the region, especially if you want to indulge. China and South Korea can be a little on the expensive side but affordable options can generally be found in both countries.

4. Visas and flight time

Flight time will vary significantly depending on your destination, including potential changes on the way. Direct flights to most major destinations like Bangkok, Singapore and Tokyo are between ten and twelve hours, though connecting flights can take a lot longer. Most countries in the region offer visas on arrival, but you’ll need to arrange your visa in advance if you’re travelling to China or if you plan to stay in Vietnam for longer than 15 days.

5. Things to do

As @lonelyplanet says:

“From the nomadic steppes of Kazakhstan to the frenetic streets of Hanoi, Asia is a continent so full of intrigue, adventure, solace and spirituality that it has fixated and confounded travellers for centuries.”

Spend your days exploring temples and pagodas, lying on white sandy beaches or swimming in the crystalline sea. Once you’ve had your fill of beach life, head to one of the continent’s vibrant cities for mouth watering food, fantastic nightlife and great shopping.

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