Cakes Pops are so popular at St Audries Park

Cake Pops are the new sweet treats that are making an increasing appearance at weddings.  Delicious bite sized cake balls coated with either chocolate, frosting or icing and then placed onto a long stick, and that’s about it!

Chocolate Cake Pops– coated in a variety of chocolate flavourings

[frame]St Audries Park - Chocolate Cake Pops


Madeira Sponge Cake Pops- coated with icing or frosting and decorated with iced piping


St Audries Park - Wedding Cake Pops


With so many couples asking us for advice- yes, you guessed it, here at St Audries Park we held our own ‘Team St Audries Bake Off ‘.

The results were outstanding and the most popular Cake Pops were our Chocolate fudge brownie closely followed by our Lemon  drizzle Madeira  and coated with milk chocolate, they all tasted yummy to say the least!

Once made, these adorable looking treats can be displayed on a cardboard display stack or wrapped in clear cellophane and decorated with ribbon. Please ask for more details on design and presentation.



Team St Audries Bake Off says – ‘These look stunning at weddings as favours for adults and children alike.  They are also a welcome little extra to have with one of our speciality coffees during the evening party.  Cake Pops are delicious and fun to eat!’

Alyson at St Audries Park

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