How To Reduce The Stress Of Your Wedding Day

You’ve probably dreamt of your perfect wedding since you were young. You may have planned what your dress will look like, the season you were going to get married in and your ideal wedding venue location. Now, your big day is finally on it’s way! You’re ready to find that perfect dress, a cake to die for and a floral arrangement to wow your guests, but let’s be honest – the organisation can be a little stressful.

With it being one of, if not the, biggest day of your life, you want everything to be perfect and run seamlessly on the day and it can be easy to get swept up in the stress in the run up to your chosen date. To help you out, we have carefully handpicked some top tips to help you to reduce the stress of your special day so you can truly enjoy every part of it in full.



Firstly, choose a venue in the countryside that will bring tranquility and peace to your wedding day. Being surrounded by nature at your wedding venue will not only bring tradition to your wedding but a relaxing atmosphere for both you and your guests.

There is no better way of reducing stress than getting closer to nature and surrounding yourself with the quiet, breathtaking countryside which has fields that stretch for miles and doesn’t make you feel cramped like you would in a town or city.

What’s more, by having your wedding in the countryside, you are more able to add personal touches to your wedding such as fairy lights or use parts of nature for decoration, such as bark as a cake stand or a branch to showcase pictures of you and your other half.


Look After Yourself

Although you have a lot to organise and plan for your wedding, make sure that you are still looking after yourself and making time for you to breathe and treat yourself.

Ensure that you are eating properly with three meals a day and you are getting food containing important nutrients, vitamins and energy and drinking plenty of water, to keep you healthy and your mind alive, to help deal with the rising level of stress.

What’s more, getting plenty of sleep is paramount, as your body will not be able to function if you are not rejuvenated. Equally, however, exercise will occupy your mind and distract you and your body from being stressed, whilst releasing endorphins to help boost your mood.

In the lead up to your wedding when you feel particularly stressed, treat yourself to a couple of spa days here and there. Have a massage, a relaxing swim or sit in the sauna and detox your body to eliminate any stress you may be feeling and help you to relax. Why not take your bridesmaids and have a fun day out to relax from the stresses of wedding planning. You could even incorporate this as part of your hen do!


Spend Time With Your Fiancé

With all the planning, some couples forget to spend time with one another due to the stressful, busy schedules they are living too. Don’t neglect your relationship before you start married life and make time to spend time together.

In addition, by spending time together, you will be able to relax and leave any stress behind whilst strengthening the foundations of your relationship.


Take A Minute To Breathe

Although it is easier said than done, try and take a step back and breathe during the planning for your big day. By doing this, you will remember what is really important about the day and be able to put things into perspective. As long as you and your fiancé can tie the knot, the ice sculpture or centerpieces are really not that important.

Hopefully these top tips will help you feel less stressed about your special day and by having your wedding venue in the heart of the countryside, you can reduce the amount of stress you feel on the day and just enjoy the fact that you are about to begin your life with the one person you love the most.

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