Travelling to your wedding: ideas for your wedding day transportation

A vintage car parked outside St Audries

The big wedding arrival is one of the highlights of the day; as such, you’ll want to travel in style and comfort and impress your guests with a memorable form of transportation.

Vintage car

The vintage car is the classic wedding day vehicle and there are many stylish and beautiful vintage models to pick from. Vintage cars give an air of class and elegance to the wedding day, and are generally a very reliable and comfortable form of wedding day transport.

Vintage cars are also a fun choice, as you can style them with some wedding decorations: ‘Just Married’ signs, ribbons, flowers, and the classic trailing tin cans are just some ideas you may like to think of for decorating your getaway carriage.

Volkswagen bus

For the hippy at heart, a vintage Volkswagen bus, styled with garlands of fresh, colourful blooms would be the perfect choice. It could also suit a bohemian themed wedding.

Double decker bus

A double decker bus is a truly unique and fun wedding day transportation idea. Due to its large size, it may be the perfect form of transportation for a large, bustling wedding party. For a classic, timeless look – you may like to go for a vintage bus or an old London double decker, painted in a glossy red.

Horse and carriage

The ultimate fairytale princess getaway; a striking carriage drawn by snowy horses. Chic, romantic, and a wonderful feature for any wedding day photo album; this is a lovely choice for your journey to and from your wedding day venue.

The stretch limo

The stretch limo is a fun way to arrive at your wedding venue; they are usually very comfortable and tend to be decked out with fun features, such as climate control and LCD video screens. Another added bonus of going for the stretch limo, is that it can also seat your wedding party, your best friends and members of your family.



If you’re the laid back and easygoing kind of bridegroom (with the wedding day outfits to match), you might love the charming idea of arriving at and departing from the wedding venue on bikes. You can find bikes to match the colour scheme of your wedding, or find bikes styled to match your personality. A vintage bike, decorated with fresh roses and tin cans, is also a beautiful option. If you’re feeling super romantic, you may like to ride on a two-seater with your future husband or wife.

A hot air balloon

If you like your grand gestures, why not ride away from the wedding venue in a hot air balloon? We love the romantic and bold style of the hot air balloon. You’ll also get to enjoy the breathtaking views of your wedding venue grounds and surrounding area. It’s a truly memorable way to end the day.  As the writers over at the Knot enthuse: “hot air balloons are about as romantic and adventurous as transportation can get”.

Find your transportation style

From classic, low-key bikes to striking hot air balloons; there’s a perfect mode of wedding day transportation for every couple. Explore our site today to find tons of wedding ideas.

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