Liz and Stuart’s real life wedding

Liz and Stuart Big Day! Saturday 10th June 2017

‘Stuart proposed to me in the New Forest, a secluded area next to some old castle ruins and a beautiful river. ‘ Liz was so shocked she pushed poor Stuart into the river! Thankfully it was a very shallow river and Stuart found the funny side.

The first thing they did for the planning of their big day was book the venue. They Knew what theme they wanted, rustic country. ‘Our inspiration was to have a very natural looking country rustic feel’. Liz did use pintrest as a small source for some ideas but the rest of their planning ideas came from conversations between herself and Stuart.

Liz stayed in our quaint cosy Bridal cottage, Holly Cottage. The perfect place to have one last girls night.

Stuart however decided to have his last night of freedom at home, he then arrived at 11am on the morning of the big day to greet all of their 80 plus guests.

‘Stuart and I also made sure our outfits were very personal to us by me wearing my riding boots and Stuart wearing his Dewalt work boots!’

As well as personalising their outfits Stuart and Liz decided to have cocktails made especially for them and changed their toast drinks to toffee vodka!

They also chose to have our St Audries candy cart packed full of their favourite sweets. This was parked just outside of the Cocktail bar for their guests to enjoy a sweet treat.

The table decorations fitted in perfectly with their country rustic theme. They wanted to keep the colours as natural as they could with greens and browns. They bought jam jars for the natural country feel flowers to sit in along with terracotta candle holders to accompany them. Stuarts farther got roped into help too! Tasked to cut the log centre pieces for all of the flowers and candles to perch on during the wedding breakfast.

‘The stunning location that St Audries is set in really stole our hearts for a Wedding Venue’. Once Liz and Stuart visited they knew it was the perfect venue for them. ‘The whole scene is rustic and country and we loved that’. Liz and Stuart decided to go for a hand fasting ceremony. This took place within the beautiful scenery of St Audries Park. They chose the flowering pond area with the deer in view in the background. The end of the ceremony was marked by the happy couple jumping over the broom into their married life together.

Stuart also saw another use for this stunning space, the feature of the evening entertainment; fireworks. They had a fabulous display which lite up the entire sky around St Audries.

With thanks to;
Westphotography Martyn Baker

Elizabeth at St Audries Park.




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