How to make your wedding child friendly

Child playing at wedding

If you have a lot of younger guests attending your wedding, one of your key concerns will be how to keep them entertained and content throughout your ceremony and following celebrations. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to make your wedding as child-friendly as possible.

Hold your wedding earlier in the day

If there are a lot of young children attending your wedding, you may like to consider holding your wedding earlier in the day, in order to avoid any late night crashes. As Rachel Wilkerson, a writer at Bridal Guide, explains: “Turns out, kids go to bed super-early. Having a brunch wedding will make life easier on parents and will mean you won’t have a bunch of cranky kids in need of nap at your reception”.

Set up a kid’s table

Children can easily keep themselves and each other entertained; so why not help the process along by setting up a special table just for them? The table could be arranged with fun games and disposable cameras to help keep them happy throughout the many wedding day speeches.

Organise some outdoor games

Nothing says a good time, for kids and adults alike, like some fun outdoor games. Arranging some outdoor wedding games with your venue, such as giant jenga or croquet, will keep younger and older children entertained for hours.

Put together goody bags

A great way to keep children entertained through the dinner speeches and later into the evening, is to supply them with a children’s goody bag. You can fill these goody bags with all kinds of fun things; such as small toys, bubbles, playing cards, colouring pencils, colouring books, and sweeties.

Provide some child-friendly entertainment

A face-painter or children’s entertainer are both brilliant ways to keep kids buzzing during your wedding celebrations. Organising a fun disco with the venue DJ, including child-friendly songs in their set, is another brilliant way to keep kids entertained. In addition, arranging a candy cart filled with a Pick ‘n’ Mix selection of delicious sweets with the venue, will be a real winner for younger guests.

Flower girl at a weddingInvolve them in the ceremony and celebrations

Some children get bored and restless unless they have some kind of responsibility or activity to keep themselves occupied. A such, you may like to consider including them in the ceremony; a young child may enjoy being a ring bearer or flower girl. Other children may enjoy passing out favour bags or wedding cake.

Let parents know the schedule

Many young children need well organised naps and distractions to keep them content and occupied throughout the day; this holds true during a long wedding ceremony and subsequent celebrations. As Alia Hoyt, writer at How Stuff Works, explains: “help parents navigate the event by letting them know the general itinerary ahead of time. That way, they can plan naps, feedings and potty breaks accordingly”.

Keeping your little guests happy

With so many ways to keep younger guests entertained, your wedding should be great fun for parents and children alike.

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