A medieval banquet

The Great Hall at St Audries Park

Rebuilt on the site of a former mansion, St Audries Park has been a beacon of beauty since its completion in 1870. Now a listed Grade II manor house, St Audries is the perfect encapsulation of old English charm, with its rolling parklands and distinct fairytale design. All in all, there is no better place in Somerset to host your wedding.

Its magnificent Great Hall, with its regal high vaulted ceilings, is the perfect location for a medieval style banquet. With many couples today looking for something a little bit different, and often reaching back into the mists of history for inspiration, the medieval banquet is a theme so romantic and charming, that it is difficult to resist. Imagine you and your beloved walking hand-in hand into the soaring hall, laden with medieval delights.

Creating such a specific theme at St Audries certainly does not have to be done exactly by the book, as if you’re set designing for a BBC period drama. A better approach is mixing the old with the new, a medieval banquet merged with contemporary style will conjure up a quite unique evening. For the food, go for a traditional English menu, lots of rabbit and pork pies, with flagons of red and white wine to wash it all down with.

Rock N’ Roll Bride was curious about this intriguing idea of intertwining two eras, and found Ross and Gem, a couple who did just that. In love with the majesty and history of Medieval England, they cherry picked the best elements of the age and by bringing them into the 21st century, they fashioned an undoubtedly memorable day for them and their guests. Featuring antique, unpolished candelabras and the dining tables set out in traditional style, matching the period exactly, Ross and Gem managed to capture a distinct quality. The evening was enjoyed in real style, with five courses served while entertainers, including fire eaters, magicians, comedians and dancers; amused the audience.

A sword stuck in the ground

Long banquet style tables and settings are of course a must for such a theme. It is also the perfect opportunity to create a more intimate feel, as all the tables will be connected, and you will get to see the guests enjoying the evening, instead of worrying whether or not the far table is feeling part of the festivities, or the one near the bridegroom is getting all the attention. Like Ross and Gem, a good splash of Medieval merriment, with jesters, fire eaters et al will without any shadow of a doubt set the theme perfectly.

With the nuts and bolts of your banquet now sorted, it’s time to think about those little touches that go into making this one hell of a theme. Candles, of all shapes and sizes, would be ideal to get that romantic light going. In actual fact, this is your chance to go over the top. Writing in the Huffington Post, Kelsey Borresen gives us some superb tips on creating the right romantic mood for candles. Set up some pewter plates and jugs, some rustic foliage (such as ivy, and wildflowers); and your atmosphere will be complete. You are now all set for an evening of magical fun.

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