How to navigate having more than one best man

Groomsmen's shoesThe role of the best man is one of the most integral roles to any wedding. Apart from giving the all-important speech, he’s responsible for supporting the groom through the big day, making sure everything runs smoothly and planning the stag do. If, like many grooms these days, you’re struggling to decide which of your close friends fits the bill, you might be relieved to find out there’s no need to choose. With a bit of planning and a generous helping of diplomacy, you can have more than one best man and keep everyone happy.

Make everyone a best man  

If you’ve already asked a group of your closest friends to be your groomsmen, but haven’t asked one to lead the charge, why not just make them all best men? Like The Plunge suggests, “Tell your three friends that they’re all best men, then carve up the responsibilities and dole them out.” Give one the job of holding the ring, task another with walking the maid of honour up the aisle and give the most confident, the important responsibility, of giving the speech. A great way to avoid arguments and hurt feelings – this will help you to keep everyone involved on the day.

Let them fight it out themselves

If you don’t want to divide up the jobs yourself, simply let your team of best men choose themselves. This way, every man can take the job they’re most comfortable with and the wedding day should run more smoothly. However, if they can’t work it out between themselves, you might have to nominate a head best man to cast the final vote.

Groomsmen at St Audries

Ask groomsmen to make a speech together

The speech is the most important and high profile job of the best man. Instead of giving this honour to just one of your best men, ask them to make a speech together. As well as taking the pressure off one single person, this will allow your best men to each talk about a facet of your personality and will give your invited guests a better understanding of you. Make sure they each keep their section short and sweet to avoid the speech dragging on for too long.

Three’s a crowd

If you’ve already chosen three groomsmen, it’s probably not a good idea to make two of them best men and leave the third one out. The same can be said for groups of any size. Instead – either promote all of your groomsmen, or go for the traditional option and pick just one – otherwise you could hurt your friends’ feelings and cause tension on the day.

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