Nude is the new white at weddings


Though most brides will wear white on their wedding day, in reality, you can wear any colour you want. It’s your day, and you’re free to dress from head-to-toe in blue, orange, red, black, or even polka dot. Though your guests may raise an eyebrow if you walk down the aisle in neon green or fuchsia pink, you should stick to your guns and remember the day is about you, not your friends and family.

If you’re thinking about ditching white on your wedding day, but aren’t sure which other shade to choose – nude could be the perfect option. Subtle, stylish, and sophisticated – it’s a great choice for brides who want to make their wedding outfit that little bit different.

Matching a neutral theme

Like Hitched says “Neutral wedding décor is now more popular than ever, and keeping in with that theme sometimes means that a white, blush or ivory dress just doesn’t fit.”

If you’ve chosen flowers, centrepieces, bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories in soft, neutral tone, a nude wedding dress will help to complement your theme. Opt for white and you could look a little bright and jarring next to your neutral décor. If you’re unsure which shade will work best, get out the colour board and play around with your chosen tones.


Though white wedding dresses can look truly spectacular, there’s something to be said for making a style statement on your big day. A nude dress will help your outfit to stand out and show your guests you’re doing things a little differently. Have your bridesmaids dress in complementary neutral shades to help accentuate your theme and ensure your dress matches the look and feel of the ceremony.

Skin tone

A common reason for choosing a nude dress instead of a white one is skin tone. Nude can be a lot more complimentary to certain skin types, helping fair skin to look less pale and blending in more smoothly with darker tones. This can help brides to achieve the wedding look they want and help to give them confidence on their big day.

Wedding shoes



There is something uniquely timeless about a nude wedding dress. Unlike white that can fade and discolour over time, nude stays looking fresh for a lot longer. What’s more, as the shade is less readily associated with weddings, it will be easier to reuse the dress in the future, giving you the chance to wear your favourite outfit again and again.


A lot of women end up wearing nude shoes on their wedding day and other nude accessories are pretty easy to find. Match your nude dress with faded flowers and vintage tones to create a spectacular wedding day look.

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