Photographing your big day

While browsing your parents wedding photos, you might have realised that they look strikingly similar to everyone else’s wedding photos. You might be willing to capture your big day in a completely different way than you’ve seen everyone else do it.

It might be that you and your fiancée just want to be that little bit different, and you want to not just document your big day, but also show a bit of your character, shining through and through.

Read on, you’ve landed in just the right place for that.

The tiny bride perspective picture

If the bride stands in the background, and the groom in the foreground with his palm outstretched, you can ask your photographer to take this shot and it will look as if she is being held in his hand. It is one of the cutest bridegroom photos that you can take. If you have a wedding venue with ample grounds, such as St Audries, you can replicate the effect two or three times, so that, for example, four bridesmaids are holding each other in their palms by using the same photographic trick.

Play with mirrors and reflections

To photograph the bridegroom and the bridal party, there might be few techniques more effective than the use of mirrors, particularly if you are hosting your wedding in a fabulous venue. You can ask your photographer to use mirrors to shoot the bride as she is getting her make-up, or while the coiffeur is finishing her hair-do. You can also use this trick to incorporate multiple points of view into the same picture.

Wedding kiss

Light drawings

As the day progresses into the evening, you can ask your photographer to take some long exposure shots of the bridal party drawing with light. To achieve this, you just need to prepare some torches for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, and you could ask them to draw a heart in the air while the photographer captures the magic of this moment. You could also ask them to each spell one letter of your names, or the word “love”. Of course you will take many more pictures, but these ones are bound to be remembered. You could even make a “thank you” one, to print as a postcard and send to all your guests after the celebration. You may want to rehearse this in advance, but it is really not difficult to achieve.

Light heart drawing

The venue

One of the most important things to avoid, is getting married in a bland venue that doesn’t provide sufficient grounds, or lavish interiors to constitute fantastic backdrops for your photographs. To avoid this, research your options sufficiently in advance, plan the theme for your wedding and be sure to book a venue that will give exactly what you need. If you are looking for a very photographic venue, we recommend you to have a look at St Audries Park, located in beautiful Somerset.

A view of St Audries Orangery including a fountain

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