‘Save the Date’ – Video Style

As touched upon in one of our earlier blogs, the popularity of social media is having a profound effect on how we communicate and we have noticed recently that many couples seem to be taking the less traditional route of producing videos instead of sending ‘Save the Dates’ and formal wedding invitations.

There are numerous websites that allow couples to create their own wedding websites for free, but with the ability to make short, professional looking videos quickly and easily on their smart phones it seems that many couples have utilised this facility to make their ‘Save the Dates’ and wedding invitations much more personal to them.

Some have used animation – Click Here

Save the Date - St Audries Park

Whereas, others have decided to include themselves within their videos – Click Here

Save the Date - St Audries Park

So, we would love to know what you think. Is this something you would consider doing or do you know anybody that has? If you have made a video then please do share it to our Facebook page as we would love to see it; www.facebook.com/audriesparkweddingvenue

On the plus side, it allows the couple to either incorporate their theme or themselves into their ‘Save the Dates’ or wedding invitations and adds an element of fun to what is often considered a tedious and laborious formality.

However, older relatives and those who do not have their finger on the social media or technical pulse may feel a little left out.

Both the videos and the traditional ‘Save the Dates’ and wedding invitations are something that can be kept and treasured forever and so ultimately it is just down to personal preference.

We here at St Audries, think these videos are a wonderful idea and allows you to add some fun and creativity in the lead up to your wedding so for those who are not camera shy, I would say ‘why not give it a go?’

Becca at St Audries Park

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