How to save money on your hen night

Countryside cottage

These days it’s easy to plan a great hen do on a budget. There are many ways to save money on your hen do, while still having an amazing time. Below, we explore how to cut costs on your hen night celebrations.

Stay close to home

One of the main ways to save money on your hen do is to arrange your celebration in the UK. Many brides-to-be are tempted by the sunshine and golden shores of far-off places, but there are many great options around the UK for anyone who wants to cut costs.

Countryside escape

One of the best ways to celebrate your hen do in the UK, is to rent a cottage in a beautiful countryside location where you and your friends can enjoy picnics and beautiful scenery. A countryside getaway can be a great option if you spend your time working and living in the city and you want a rejuvenating and inexpensive escape for the weekend.

You can load up on your favourite foods and ingredients for delicious home-cooked meals and fruity homemade cocktails and enjoy a weekend of quality time with your friends.

City escape

In contrast to the countryside escape, you can also rent a hotel room with your friends in your city of choice. Different cities will offer different things; you may want to indulge in the bohemian charms and great music scene of Bristol, or explore the many entertainment options of the capital. In order to get a good deal, be sure to book your hotel room in advance and browse the many packaged deals and discounts available online (take a look at websites such as Groupon for big discounts on hotel rooms and breaks away).

Don’t travel too far from homeDrinks

For your hen night, you may like to go somewhere new and experience something unique and adventurous for your hen-night celebrations; but ensuring that you don’t travel too far from home can help you save a lot of money on your hen-do, as Quidco note:

“Choosing to go somewhere up north when you and most of your friends live down south will have a huge impact on the cost, as you’ll need either a flight or a train to get there. Staying local not only brings travel costs down but also saves you time on travel, which leaves you more time for celebrations.”

Trade a weekend escape for an enjoyable outing

There are no written rules for a hen-do, you don’t have to plan a weekend escape or an elaborate holiday; going for an intimate meal with friends can be just as enjoyable as a break away. To save money on your outing, browse online for deals or find the best times to go for dinner at your favourite restaurant; most independent and chain restaurants will have a deal on at sometime during the week.

There are many ways to save money on your hen-do, be sure to shop around for the best deals on getaways and outings and plan a hen-do closer to home to help cut costs.

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