Spring Wedding Style: Dress To Impress

In this blog, we will be guiding you through some of our top Spring wedding style tips for 2019. With warmer weather and increased humidity comes a greater sense of freedom regarding wedding attire, we tend to see sweeping dresses in lower cuts, open toe shoes, floral patterns and bold block colours.

However, this Spring, we want you to embrace the style that you love, shoes that are comfortable and pantsuits that keep you warm when the wedding spills onto the lawn of the venue itself; with longer and lighter evenings you need an outfit that will keep you feeling great long into the night.

The Spring 2019 wedding style for women is centred around loving your figure and embracing your own unique femininity. With that in mind, there are a lot of different choices for the fashion conscious out there and the options for Spring wedding guests have gone from being historically restrictive to downright eclectic.

The Pantsuit

The pantsuit is a stellar outfit choice for any Spring wedding, having made a rapid resurgence in recent years. Popular with young and mature women alike, the pantsuit can be a real showstopper and is a staple now at Spring weddings. Choose a pastel hue such as light pink and match this with floral heels and a bold purple clutch bag.

An Old Classic With A Twist

The little black dress is a timeless classic. However, old classics are there to be reworked and instead of opting for the black dress, black shoes, black bag combination that looks good but is considered safe, emphasis the dress with colour and indulge your unique style. Find yourself a multi-coloured set of heels with matching bag, and jewellery and you will go from sultry to sophisticated.

The Free Spirit

Embrace being yourself at all times – an important motif for weddings this Spring but in everyday life as well. If your style is particularly bohemian or hippy, then don’t force yourself into a pretty red number if it doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Find yourself a (or wear your favourite) boutique vintage dress, love the paisley and the sweeping cuts and wear your favourite feather earrings and velvet high heels. Purples, deep reds, browns and mustard yellows are all good options but of course, you know your preferences best.

Dare To Be Different

Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd with a tropical print dress in a vibrant colour. You can wear abstract print dresses of flowers or exciting dresses with vibrant trim detail on top of bold block or pastel colours. You could even, should you want to really dazzle the wedding guests, invest in glitters and sparkles aplenty. So long as you feel good, chances are you will look good.

To Conclude

For weddings this Spring as honoured guests you really have limitless choices regarding your outfits. You can rock the pastel pantsuit, dazzle with sparkles and abstract dresses, customise the little black dress with rainbow heels, or you can embrace your boho-nature and delight in paisley print.

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