St Audries Park – a wedding venue for all seasons!

St Audries Park is truly a wedding venue for  all seasons!  Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter all bring their own favourite characteristics but namely the stunning grounds with seasonal flowers and manicured lawns look stunning anytime of the year.

We have many conversations with Bride and Grooms debating this subject but in all honesty with such a fabulous wedding venue here at St Audries Park each season brings it’s own magic and mystery.

Let’s take a look at a year in the life of a wedding venue…….The Perfect Setting for a Perfect Wedding

Spring Wedding – Stacey and Greg


St Audries Park - Spring wedding


Summer Wedding – Kylie and Andrew



Autumn Wedding – Michelle and Phil



Winter Wedding – Emma and Ben


St Audries Park - Winter wedding


Which season would you choose for your wedding?

Well, whatever your choice, you can be sure here at St Audries Park you will have a perfect day!

Should the weather be a little chilly then we have some stunning rooms for individual and group shots……

Sally and Lee – a stunning shot, taken from inside showing the front entrance


St Audries Park - Inside photos


Stacey and Greg – beautiful photograph taken in the Orangery


St Audries Park - The Orangery


Where memories are made that last a lifetime……..

Photos taken by  Westphotography

Alyson at St Audries Park

If you are considering booking a wedding at St. Audries Park, or already have a date secured, please contact Jade to discuss our range of wedding & accommodation packages:


T: 01984 633 633
E: [email protected]

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