Capturing your big day: St Audries Park

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So, you’ve found the perfect photographer, now it’s time to work on how and where they’ll be shooting. At St Audries Park, you are spoilt for choice in terms of locations to be photographed on your big day. With some absolutely outstanding spots, both intimate and grand, along with a great mountain of ideas to choose from, let us help you to pick the best and most beautiful.

Offering a fairytale location, with an abundance of historical and regal charm, St Audries Park provides the classic wedding feel to couples. From its ornately decorated rooms, including a breathtaking orangery, to the 100 acres of tranquil deer park, overlooking the majestic Quantock Hills.

The wedding photography checklist can often leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. However, it really is quite simple, the first thing is to take into consideration what will be happening throughout the day. So, for example, while getting ready, there are plenty of moments that can create some of the most warm and emotional shots for both the bride and the groom. With the ample amount of room at St Audries, there’ll be plenty of space for the bride and groom’s party to create their own special moments. Over at The Knot, Amy Levin-Epstein has put together 51 must-have wedding photo ideas, ranging from getting ready to the father-daughter dance.

Now, when it comes to poses, whether you’re a go-with-the-flow kind of couple, who really appreciate candid photography that just captures the day in all its raw glory; or a couple who want your wedding photos to be appear as if lifted from the pages of Vogue magazine, St Audries will give you the opportunity to explore both.

  • If you want some elegant and regally-inspired photos, then the gorgeous great hall is the ideal place.
  • For the more carefree couple, looking for a bit of intimacy and that countryside feel, the grounds at St Audries offer many little nooks and crannies to capture something romantic.

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Rock and Roll Bride gives some handy (and indeed hilarious) tips on how to achieve the right pose for the right photo. Kat writes – “Let’s be honest with ourselves here and say that we are all a little bit worried about how we’re going to look in our wedding photographs. Looking at yourself in a photo can be seriously HARD if you have a hold ups about how you look, and actually even if you don’t. There isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t taken a bad photograph, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll be praying that the happiest day of your life will be reflected as such in the photographs.”

Finally, whether you’re going for the natural and candid look or one by a professional, you’re going to want to look good in either. To that end, Glamour magazine has compiled a few handy tips on looking your best when the photographer gets snapping, from getting the Hollywood stance, to how to smile with your eyes. Remember, when it comes down to it all, it’s about simply embracing the camera and getting some shots that really make you and your handsome groom sparkle with love and happiness.

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