Style tips for the mother of the bride

A couple and the bride's mother

As the mother of the bride, choosing your wedding outfit is a particularly challenging aspect of your role for the big day. Your look should aim to be classy, timeless and age appropriate. In this article, we share our tips on how to dress for the occasion.

Break the rules well

As you dip into mother of the bride style advice, you’ll encounter many “dos and don’ts”, but when it comes to the final look, don’t be afraid to rebel.

An up-do is an elegant and classic style statement and there are many intricate styles to choose from. However, hairstylist Billy Lowe also suggests considering wearing your hair down for a more sensual and casual feel.

Additionally, many of us are shy and self-conscious when it comes to showing off our figures in our wedding day attire, but a lightly corseted dress can make a body-shy mother of the bride feel confident and comfortable in her outfit. Don’t feel like you have to play it safe or hide yourself away in a loose fitting dress!

Wear something that only you can wear

You want to look beautiful and stylish in your wedding day outfit, but when you’re shopping for your dress, look for something that will highlight your personality as well as your favourite physical features.

From embellished beauties, to brightly coloured gowns, there are many statement pieces on the high-street that can highlight your charms and personality.

Outsmart the seasons

Is your daughter a sunshine worshipper, or does she envision a blissful wedding winter wonderland? Whatever the season, you want to make sure that you protect yourself from the wrath of the weather, while still upholding your polished look.

A luxurious fitted jacket or a comfortable, attractive shawl can help you to cover up in the colder months – without sacrificing aesthetics. In addition, you could opt for a classic formal hat to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.


Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

A beautiful dress or suit can be taken to the next level with a killer accessory.  Statement necklaces, fascinators and colour-popping handbags are all glamorous additions to your mother of the bride attire.  Furthermore, matching different colours and textures can really add another dimension to your look. Mix satin sandals with silk scarves and play around with shades that contrast and compliment.

Dress to impress

As a proud mother of the bride, our style tips are a brilliant place to start if you want to look elegant and memorable without stealing the spotlight.

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