Which flowers will suit your venue: St Audries Park

St Audries Park remains a beacon of peace and tranquility. This coastal mansion bursts with charm and genuine beauty. Its aesthetics recall typical English style, like a microcosm of English design from the pre-Middle Ages to the early 20th century. Its origins stretch way back into the mists of history, with recordings of St Audries dating from 1086, not too long after the Norman Conquests.


The venue has been the recipient of several awards since it opened its doors in 2002. St Audries was voted the “Best UK Wedding Venue” of 2013 by readers of Wedding Ideas Magazine. It was also lauded in the Best Wedding Venue category for the Perfect Wedding Awards of 2012. It’s come a long way since delighting inaugural guests Samuel and Jessica 15 years ago.

Blending history

For a venue with such a long and illustrious history, it seems fitting to choose flowers and floral arrangements from a range of eras, whether it be Victorian fine art, Medieval or a boho blend. There’s a great swathe of historical beauty you can pick and choose from.

If you want to do some research and choose your historical floral collaboration, then the Fiftyflowers blog has some very interesting advice. In their post on the history of wedding flowers, they delve deep into the past to reveal the differing styles adored by brides and grooms throughout the centuries:

“Starting in the form of herbs and spices, flowers have always been an important element to weddings. Not only for their undeniable beauty but also for the historical significance they have and their symbolic meanings. No matter how “non-traditionalistic” we consider ourselves we would love to have a wedding full of roses, orchids, tulips, peonies, hydrangeas, ranunculus, freesias, dahlias or any other type of flower we like.”

Flowers and herbs

A unique and thoroughly fabulous idea would be to mix herbs and flowers. Your bouquet could be made from red roses, offset by sunflowers and lavender. Add to this eye-catching colour with some rosemary and sage.

Our friends over at The Knot have put together an interesting and well researched post on the many differing herb bouquets that can be used, and included their meanings.

Here’s a short list of some herbs and foliage, along with their meanings, that could be included in your bouquet. The importance of including herbs and foliage stretches back to the time of the Ancient Greeks and Romans!

  • Ivy was worn by brides and symbolises eternal love and fidelity.
  • Sage signified wisdom.
  • Dill signified lust.
  • Garlic warded off evil spirits and temptation.
  • Orange blossoms symbolise fertility because the tree’s fruits and flowers bloom simultaneously.

Create something truly unique

By blending various centuries of floral and herb styles, and traditions, it gives you a greater opportunity to really embrace your creative side. By picking and choosing your most favourite historical styles, you will certainly be able to make a statement.

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