Teenage wedding style and makeup: Tips for younger wedding guests and bridesmaids

Young bridesmaids

Younger guests want to look stylish as a guest or bridesmaid at a wedding. When doing a younger guests makeup, stick to natural hues and glowing, sheer foundation.

What’s the right age to embrace makeup as a bridesmaid?

There are a lot of debates on the ‘appropriate age’ for a young bridesmaid to wear makeup, older children to teenagers seems like the perfect age for a young bridesmaid to enjoy having her makeup done for a wedding. However, slightly younger bridesmaids may enjoy having their nails painted. In general, you should make sure that both you, or the parent of the bridesmaid, and the bridesmaid herself feel comfortable with the makeup she is wearing, or wearing any makeup at all, it’s important to respect how the bridesmaid feels first and foremost.

Soft hues on cheeks and lips

Soft muted shades tend to look both pretty and natural on young bridesmaids and guests. Go for shades that reflect their natural skin tones, blush tones and lip shades. Most younger guests with pale skin tend to suit cool, pale pinks on the lips and cheeks. In contrast, younger guests with darker, warmer skin tones tend to suit warm tan and beige shades for lip and cheek colours. Muted red shades look pretty on all skintones, but go for natural flesh tones, rather than bright bold red shades.

Eye makeup

It’s best to keep eye makeup subtle and complimentary, as Jenny at Jenny Sue Makeup notes:

“Keeping these colors light and neutral is key.  Your focus is to bring out the natural eye color and highlight the inner tear duct with a champagne colored shadow.  I used my Urban Decay Naked palette on both girls, black/brown mascara only, and I used a deep brown shadow along the 14 year old’s lash line to mimic eyeliner but not as harsh and nothing on the 11 year old.  Clear mascara was used to keep brows in place and a light coat of brown/black mascara was used on their upper and lower lashes.”

False eyelashes are a fun makeup and beauty accessory that can be enjoyed by younger, teenage bridesmaids to help them feel special and confident as they walk down the aisle.

Sheer foundation

Most younger guests (before their teen years) won’t need foundation, so you can omit that. However, some older girls may have breakouts or other skin issues that they may want to cover. To keep their look natural, cover up breakouts with a full coverage foundation or concealer, while keeping the rest of the base light. If a teenage bridesmaid doesn’t have any breakouts to cover, go for a sheer foundation or tinted moisturiser to even skin tone and provide a glowing look – that will help her feel confident.

Makeup for younger guests and bridesmaids

Makeup for a younger guest should stick to sheer shades and natural tones, to help her feel pretty and natural on the day. Be sure that she feels confident and happy with her look, if she wants to wear any makeup at all.

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