Mementos to save from your wedding day

Wedding shoes

Everyone has some charming mementos that they’d like to enjoy from their wedding day; below we explore some of the best items to keep safe and how to best store them.

Cherish your wedding day photos

Your wedding day photos are the most obvious keepsakes that you have from your wedding. There are many ways to store your wedding  day photos, one way is to buy a beautiful wedding album and to place all your favourite photos in chronological order. Another idea is to buy some special photo frames and put up your wedding photos around the house.


Scrapbooks are a wonderful way to enjoy a number of ‘flat’ wedding keepsakes. If you’ve never delved into the joys of scrapbooking before it’s fairly simple; buy yourself a large A4, plain sketching notepad (these tend to have nice thick, white paper – perfect for making the most of your photos and keepsakes).

You can combine special items, such as your wedding menu, your wedding invitations, personalised notes, cards or gift tags from friends, with printed photos from your wedding day; combining them to create a beautiful personalised album, filled with wedding day memories for you to take out and look over in your future years together. Don’t forget to also save ‘flat’, papery items from your honeymoon as well, such as your hotel brochure, endearing postcards and romantic beachside snaps.

Would you also like a keepsake from your beautiful wedding day bouquets? Why not have some of your bouquet flowers pressed and add them to your scrapbook?

Save your wedding day accessories

On your wedding day, you’ll have likely invested a lot of time into picking out some chic wedding day accessories. Save your sparkly trinkets, for example did your husband buy you a special necklace to wear on the day? Or did you find a gorgeous tiara to complete your wedding day attire? Why not find a beautiful cardboard box to store your prettiest wedding day accessories in. Wrap them up carefully before storing them away to save anything fragile from breaking.

In addition, maybe you spent time and care into picking some pretty wedding day shoes or a faux fur stole? Be sure to keep them stored safely on your wardrobe, whether to savour your wedding day memories, or to use again in the future.Wedding day memento

Save a special bottle

Another memento to store from your wedding day is your alcohol. Did one of the guests buy you a bottle of champagne? Why not stash it away for a future wedding anniversary?

Business Insider comments on the charm of saving a bottle of fine wine or champagne from your wedding day: “Picture this: You are celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary. Now, imagine pulling out a bottle of spectacular wine from the year of your wedding to cap the celebration. The occasion will be great no matter what. But for someone who loves wine, that special bottle can become a special punctuation mark. Wine lovers have been saving special wines for as long as there have been vintages on wine bottles. And you can, too.”

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