Selecting a dress that matches your venue

With its scenic and tranquil setting, St Audries Park offers a stunning backdrop for all types of weddings. We have been lucky enough to host a variety of wedding types, from geek chic weddings and other alternative styles, to fine art weddings and more traditional celebrations. Our wedding venue can be all things to all people, and our specialist team help couples tying the knot to create the ceremony and reception they’ve always dreamed of.


After exploring which flowers will suit your wedding venue, we thought we’d take a look at the bride’s attire and how it can complement the wider setting.

Why complementing your venue is important

Your chosen wedding venue has the power to set the entire tone of your big day. This makes it even more important to choose a dress with your venue in mind. With ever-growing waiting lists, the wedding venue is often the first thing that brides and grooms tick off their to-do list. Ensuring these two very important elements work in perfect harmony is vital. After all, a boho themed wedding won’t be all that convincing if the bride is wearing a heavily structured ball gown.

Get to know your setting

This may seem like an obvious step, but so many couples take their wedding venue choice at face value. As well as being able to explore the house and grounds via our website, we welcome couples to visit in person to discover more about St. Audries Park, its setting and all its ornate features. We host a variety of meetings between the initial viewing and your big day. There are many top tips for picking the perfect wedding dress, but our team give you the chance to visualise your wedding, so the often confusing and overwhelming wedding dress shopping experience is made easier and more enjoyable.

Bride and groom holding hands

Look beyond the venue

It’s not just the house and grounds that impact the tone of your wedding day. The location of the venue is also influential. Our coastal location should not be forgotten when searching for a wedding dress that complements the venue. St Audries Park overlooks not just the Quantock Hills but the Bristol Channel, offering fabulous coastal views for you and your guests. Brides Up North reveals how you can incorporate some coastal vibes into your wedding style as a nod to nearby shorelines:

“People go to the beach to have fun and your dress needs to capture and reflect the same carefree attitude – after all, your guests will take their lead on the day from you. Be creative and expressive in your choice of dress; nothing should feel too restrictive or ‘done up’. Keep hair loose and accessories to a minimum, and chose lighter fabrics for a soft and sensual, ethereal look.”

Whilst recognising the coastal location is a great strategy, the versatile setting means any wedding style is a viable option for those marrying at St Audries Park. We encourage our brides and grooms to express themselves on their wedding day, whether they want to channel a vintage theme, a traditional look, or a more cutting edge, fashion-forward feel.

If you have any questions relating to having your wedding at St Audries Park, please don't hesitate to call Sally via the contact details below:


T: 01984 633 633

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