What your flowers say about you and your wedding


While there is a growing trend for non-floral bouquets, floral bouquets and arrangements remain the most popular choice for brides. The flowers in your bouquet (not to mention the table arrangements) make the biggest statement as one of the most photographed floral arrangements on your big day, so what do they say to your guests about you and your wedding?


Roses are truly the flower of love, no matter what colour you choose to match your theme. There’s so much variety with roses – from their colour to their shape and size –  so they are perfect for weddings at any time of year. Tea-stained roses exude vintage glamour whilst cabbage roses with their full, shabby chic, complex petals suit a more relaxed, casual and rustic wedding.

Roses are a symbol of love, joy and beauty, but the colour you opt for alters the meaning. White roses mean purity, innocence, reverence and worthiness, as well as secrecy, whereas red roses mean love, respect, passion, and courage. Pink roses symbolise happiness, elegance, romance, admiration and sweetness.


This opulent bloom will add a touch of drama to your day with its full blossomy head of silken petals. It’s the traditional flower of China and is known as the flower of riches and honour. This feathery looking flower can compliment any colour scheme and can be arranged with any other selection of flowers to suit the tone of your wedding.

Peony is the symbol for romance and prosperity, which will give your married life the auspicious start you want! However, it is worth noting that in the UK peony season is from May to August and from Spring in the US, so if you’re having an autumn or winter wedding then these are not the choice for you unless you’re opting for artificial flowers, which are growing in popularity because you can of course have them forever as a permanent memory of your day.  Flowers with the same luscious fullness are ranunculus, dahlias and garden roses and are an excellent alternative to peonies if your budget or season won’t permit peonies.



White lilies are a symbol of modesty and virginity. A small posy of tall white lilies looks extremely impressive (not to mention being cost effective!). This dramatic wedding staple looks exquisite in a bouquet, table arrangement, corsage, boutonniere and wherever else you place it. Lilies look elegant and sophisticated with their long clean lines so they’re a perfect choice for an urban, high class, cosmopolitan city wedding.



This classic, traditional, excellent perennial bloom are not just budget friendly they are also extremely versatile. White carnations are a symbol for pure love and can be used as a floral focal point all  by itself, not just as a filler flower.


Gerberas, Daisies and Sunflowers

These bright, fun flowers show your guests that your wedding, like you, is bold, vibrant and fun. They’re inexpensive and largely available all year round. They add a splash of colour, without being too frilly or fussy. They’re a modern and cheerful flower which would look fabulous at any wedding with a 60s vibe.



When you think of lavender you are automatically whisked off to a quaint, bumblebee-filled English garden complete with thatched cottage, so choosing lavender for your floral wedding arrangements will ensure that everyone knows you are all about the country wedding and quintessential Englishness on your big day. There are so many uses for lavender so you can even make it a theme of the day – from buttonholes and confetti to place names and aperitifs.


Foliage and herbs

Weddings featuring foliage and herbs are so very on trend at the moment. To do this in a chic way, think Scandi-wedding with bright white contrasting against green foliage and earthy natural tones from terracotta pots and distressed wood. The other way you could dress your wedding with foliage is by going full faery. Think enchanted forest, beautiful Celtic elfin dress, against crisp white and sparkling silver.

The scent of the herbs will fragrance the room beautifully and will tell your guests that you are modern, outdoorsy, fresh and fun. Herbs will scent the room beautifully and can of course be dried to be kept as a souvenir, not to mention to be used in your cooking for years to come!

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