Wedding footwear trends 2020 — bride, groom and everyone else!

While most people tend to focus on the dress, shoes are also an essential part of any wedding outfit.

Finding the right footwear will enhance your look and ensure you’re comfortable from head to toe on your wedding day. Here’s our pick of the top 2020 bridal footwear trends to help get you inspired.

Bright colours

If you’ve gone for a relatively traditional wedding look, but still want to have some fun with your outfit, bright, bold shoes could be the perfect way to go. Hiding some red, yellow, green, blue, or purple high heels under your dress can help to make your outfit stand out from the crowd.

Every time your shoes poke out from under your dress, they’ll show your guests you like to have some fun. This bright, bold footwear choice will look great in photos too.

Match your shoes to your wedding colour theme to bring your aesthetics together and ensure your wedding looks as good as possible.


While high heels are a great choice if you want to add height and make your legs look long and slim, they’re not so good when it comes to keeping you comfortable all throughout your weddding day.

As @MetroUK says, “Between getting ready, the ceremony and then dancing the night away at the reception, wearing heels for that long might give you a few blisters.”

What’s more, with many bridal gowns reaching to the floor, it’s likely your guests will never even see your shoes and all that pain and discomfort will be for nothing.

As a result, more and more brides are opting to forgo high heels and wear trainers instead. American footwear giant Converse recently released its very own range of wedding trainers. A number of other brands have also created comfortable, stylish flats that are perfect for both walking up the aisle and boogying the night away on the dance floor.

If you decide to wear trainers for your wedding, you could make a theme out of it by buying matching shoes for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. This will give your bridal party a great, informal aesthetic and much personality.

Two pairs

If you like the idea of wearing flats for the reception but still want to look formal for the ceremony, you can get the best of both worlds by buying two pairs of wedding shoes.

Investing in a pair of glamorous high heels for the first part of the day, and a comfortable pair of flats for the second, will ensure you look great in your wedding photos and don’t suffer sore feet when it’s time to party.

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