Advice on how to style your hair for your wedding

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Having glossy, well-styled hair on your wedding day will help you feel all the more beautiful and glamorous. Below, we cover our top advice on how to prepare and style your hair for your wedding.

Work with your bridal style vision

Do you have a vision for your bridal style? Many brides have a vivid vision of what they want to look like on their wedding day. Whether you’re going for boho chic, old school Hollywood glamour, or an on-trend look, your hairstyle will play an important part in helping you create your desired impression.

To start with, you can brainstorm buzz words related to your bridal look to help you find the right hairstyle for your day. For example, if you’re going the vintage glamour route, then you might like to do a Google search for stars and beauty icons who were popular during your chosen era, or you may like to search for popular hairstyles for that period. You can also look up hair tutorials on YouTube to help you get a feel for the right look for you.

Bond with your stylist

Having a hair stylist that you feel comfortable with and one who understands your hair needs and what works for you is important in helping you to plan the perfect style for your wedding day. GHD hair stylist Jo Robertson, shares why this is so important. “Make sure you have regular appointments so your hairdresser knows your hair, knows your face shape, knows that (for example) when you’re blow-drying it you need extra volume on your crown or you need width at the side and work your haircuts around that”.

Take care of your locks  

Make sure your hair is in good condition for your wedding by giving it some tender loving care in the months before your wedding day. Ensuring that you get regular trims in the run-up to your wedding is important, in order to keep your hair looking healthy and glossy. Split ends can run up the hair shaft, damaging new healthy hair growth, so it’s ideal to have your hair trimmed every two to three months in order to keep it on top form.

In addition, treating yourself to regular deep conditioning treatments is another way to keep your hair looking healthy and strong. You can book in regular treatments with your stylist, purchase a deep conditioning mask, or make your own at home: from avocados to coconut oil, many ingredients in your kitchen cupboards can be used to nourish and strengthen your hair.

A bride with long hair

Play around with hair accessories

Beautiful hair accessories can take a glamorous, evening hairstyle and turn it into a special wedding day look. Jewelled clips, hair combs adorned with crystals and flower headdresses are just some of the unique accessories popular with many brides-to-be.

Getting the look

From taking extra care of your locks in the run up to the wedding, with frequent trims and deep conditioning masks, to bonding with your stylist – there are many important steps to achieving your dream hairstyle on the day of your wedding.

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